Yolanda Adams & Le’Andria Johnson Perform 'The Battle Is The Lord's' | Super Bowl Gospel 2020





  1. This was horrible. They didn't sound good together. Yolanda should have sung her song by herself. Yolanda looked beautiful. Leandria's dress was not appropriate.

  2. From Sunday Best and her situation to standing on stage with Yolanda Adams , or standing on stage period , I love this woman . And the crazy part about this is my dad was there and tried to FaceTime me with her otp and I was sleep and didn’t get to answer ☹️??‍♀️

  3. While Yolanda was on the red carpet, a longtime fan walked up and handed her a gift in a bag. It was the dress she is wearing in this performance. She changed her entire outfit to support someone who has supported her. That’s what makes her the Queen. You don’t just take and ridicule the people you take from but you bless somebody else too.

  4. I can't believe they came on stage looking like a couple street walkers: Le'andria, i'm not surprised
    And they wonder why people are leaving the church, the jupe- joint is in the church, this is not "Holy" dressing at all: Shame on both of them.

  5. Clearly some of u don't know how duets work….its about two vocalists complementing each other not OVERLY SHOWING OUT for self serving GRANDIOSE….its about grace, something both Le'andria and Yolanda always do when singing with other vocalists…..

  6. They sounded great….but why did Yolanda wear blue boots with an animal print dress? That's the first thing that stood out when she came out. Great performance though. Le'Andria seemed to hold back but they are both in the top 10 of the best female singers EVER.

  7. These ladies here. ?. And the thing is they were both holding back, especially Lele, cause it woulda been all over otherwise?. But it speaks to Le'Andria character she never tries to "out sing" anyone she sings with, especially when it's their song. Much respect! This must have been special for Le'Andria also because Yolanda was her judge on Sunday Best and she noted she grew up listening to Yolanda. Powerful, anointed ministry right here!

  8. Le Andra u have nothing to prove.They're allways putting her up against somebody. I love them both. Sang do your own thing. Why we always do that I don't know.What's the point show Biz.


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