Will Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Get Back Together?!?


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Vanessa Hudgens’ split with Austin Butler shocked fans down to their very cores, but it didn’t take long for …




  1. Don’t say is fake is a joke i was waiting so long for a back together they are always perfect ship together he is nothig sorry Joshua and Olivia playing them too i hope but i don’t think so ???

  2. I kept pushing Zac and Vanessa to be together again and now I regret it. Because I've seen how much of a horrible person I am now since I've been judging Austin and Vanessa's relationship. I don't know why I acted like a terrible person and kept saying rude things to austin but now I understand how a person's feelings is just like mine and yours. We all have same feelings, we all get sad, emotional, upset, mad, and happy. Now please stop pushing vanessa to get back with zac because she just got out of a nine years relationship.

  3. I read on the internet somewhere Zac and Vanessa, had a pretty bad breakup and that was linked as to why he didn't come to the High School Musical reunion. It's very unlikely they will get back together and she's just come out of a nine year relationship. Give her time to breathe guys. She's very stunning and such a lovely person so she will easily find someone else (who helps her Bop to the Top!). I'm sorry I couldn't resist. ?

  4. I would personally love zac a Vanessa to get together but so much has happened since then and so many more “rumors” of zacs new relationship have happened for example I think zac and zendaya are just adorable so I think The boat sailleeeed

  5. Home girl know how to keep a relationship I’m not gonna lie she was with zac for like a long time and the with Austin for 9 years…! Damn.


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