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  1. I remember watching you old vids and singing "its Peter and PPs bachelor weekend" with you when alex would go out of town…..I'm so sorry for your loss I cant imagine how hurt you are right now but I'm happy you have pictures and videos to keep his memory alive…you and your family are in my thoughts

  2. I am so so sorry for you and Alex for losing Pepe. I cried with you watching this video. Literally my best friend is my cat blue. He’s getting older and it crosses my mind that he will not be here one day and my heart breaks at the thought of it. Animals are amazing and the love unconditionally. They are always happy to see you. Their love is so pure! We don’t deserve the love of animals but I know I feel crazy lucky to have it. Big hugs to you both and Pepe will definitely be missed and nee forgotten 💙

  3. I’m about to walk this path as my soul mate dog Bella has terminal cancer. I don’t think she has much longer, maybe just a few weeks. As a small youtuber myself I am dreading to have to do this myself.
    Sending you SO much love Peter and big squishy hugs 💙

  4. Dogs love you unconditionally and want to bring joy into your life. Some say it is because God made them as his mirror. Dog:God

    (For people like my amazing son, if there isn't a God, then maybe the stories of love and fierce protection are a mirror of the story teller's loving Dogs.)

  5. Having videos of my dad has been such a blessing. I've spent maybe 20 seconds in the last seven months watching them because they're so fucking painful to watch, but someday, I'll be so, so glad I have them. He owned a small vape shop and spent so much of his time alone in that shop, and I always joked that we should stick cameras in the corners to see what kind of shenanigans he got up to while he was alone because he was a NUT with other people. He seriously needed a reality TV show. I've thought so many times since he's passed that I wished I'd done that silly, totally bizarre thing so I'd have those videos to watch now that he's gone. Anyway, Peter, you have been such an incredible source of healing for me in the seven months since I lost my dad… Your transparency with loss and grief… I needed that. I love you so much. I hope healing finds you and Alex.

  6. Okay that is so true about animals coming to you. Last year my bearded dragon passed away, we were best friends I took him everywhere. I still cry sometimes. But a week after he passed I was walking inside my apartment WITH MY BEARDED DRAGONS ASHES and a small kitten was on my doorstep!! We fostered it a few days and adopted him out to someone we knew because I'm beyond allergic but its just amazing how life works that way

  7. Peter, I am so sorry for your loss! I lost my Oscar about 2 months ago! It is an honor to be part of the unconditional love our furbabies offer us! I still talk to my little man every day! I will make sure my baby finds yours in heaven.

  8. Hi dear Peter,
    Only people who have been through such a loss would understand your heartbreak right now… been there several times and it never gets easier… I’d say it gets harder and harder. You’re such a kindhearted and gives me the impression of being a very transparent human being that I feel this with you. I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  9. Omg! Your video hit my heart! I just lost my 11 year old Yorkie who was an Angel from Heaven !! 😭😭… Vets misdiagnosed him & by the time they caught 100 test later his kidneys stop working …
    I had him in the Animal ER in life support still wanting to give him a fighting chance until I had to let go…
    He passed this Sunday & I know exactly what your going through … Thank you for posting this … I know they are here to teach us a lesson & yes I know what he was here to teach me … I hope same holds truth for you … Pray & just know I believe too they are in a better place & one day we will be with them again …

  10. Aww sending hugs to you. 💔 I'm so sorry. I miss my fur babies so much. My heart goes out to you. Your baby is in heaven and one day you will be with him again and never have to be apart again. 😪💜

  11. My heart aches and i only know him through videos. God bless you Peter. Pipi is now in a place where he can watch over you guys while being pain free and at peace. I feel your love pouring from your soul, and I feel your pain too. Yes as humans we are lucky when our pets allow us to be in their lives, but I know he felt blessed that you allowed him to be a part of yours. Xoxo. Thank you for sharing your bond with us. 💜💜💜❣️

  12. I recently lost lil guy as well , It’s heartbreaking ! But every time I cry i know he’s around by his electric magnetic energy that touches my heart and I know we’re together again ❤️


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