The Secret World Of Only Fans… (Part 2)


TheSecretWorldOfOnlyFans What are the pitfalls? What is to be considered? We talk to my mum and speak about feminisms inpact on this industry. Lets Discuss …




  1. Paige this investigative series is the content YouTube lacks and only you have proper mix of intelligence, style, curiosity, presentation/editing and certain je ne sais quo to deliver.

    OMG your Mum is the cutest. Now we know where you got your beautiful sexy lips, I bet Mum was a manstealer in her day. Your Mum loves you very much, watching the two of you together was lovely.

    Stay safe and healthy. xo

  2. I’m 36, a mom of 3 boys & my body was NEVER my own. It was always for others. Be that a man or for growing a child. I wish I had the confidence to love my body & do something like this. I highly doubt there’s a market for a 36yr old mom on Only Fans 😂 What I would use it for is real sex ed 🤣

  3. Loved this video…love watching you and momma Paige talk like a mother and daughter should communicate…respectful, honest,with open ears… I got a little emotional watching you two…your awesome…

  4. Your mom is hilarious! (Her views most likely are a generational thing like the generation she grew up in taught her those kind of views) but our society especially in America, we tend to see sexuality and nudity as taboo so it's a hard thing for people to get past when they have been taught this their whole life.

  5. This is a truly brilliant use of your creativity and potential, all of it. Not just liberating yourself but also looking outside of your individual creativity and seeing how you involve people close to you and the community around you, integrating your fans and being an example of how to approach this sort of section of the internet with a mature and clear minded intention and creating content across multiple platforms to get the most out of one liberating idea. Really respect what you do, your hustle, your involvement and your vision. Keep creating great content, I've been a fan for a long long time now and watching you evolve and take us with you has been constantly educational and refreshing because you really care about the content you work on. 👍♥️💜💙💚💛🧡♥️

  6. What an amazing mamma you have. Such a blessing ❤️ I’m sitting here feeling the love that she has for you as her daughter and it’s beautiful 😍

  7. Ok wait, posting Nudes is one thing but creating adult sexual content is a total different thing! Taking a photo nude and master bating to the point of orgasm is two different things

  8. I have to say the paige we have loved forever has shown back up and I’m loving every minute of it!! I so appreciate the conversation you are starting and having the convo with momma was so precious and will be eye opening for so many! I’m all for you do you but, I love that you have shown what the older generations understanding is on this! Happy tears ☺️😭😭😭💋

  9. Why is someone else owning their sexuality a bad thing…because someone else is finding sexual satisfaction in it…
    I mean, for me, if I show u a nude photo, I took because Im confident in it, I want u to find it pleasing.

  10. I think maybe your mom feels is that the difference is that people are getting off to it compared to other nude work. Sex work always seem like easy money because anyone with no skill or passion can do it. You film yourself doing sexual titaliting work, and no matter what, I think it's easy for the most part. Go do it, but it's not like Instagram or YouTube. Only fans is a site mainly for guys to get off to. I do agree though, it's better for the models and actresses to get money directly if they do it. Idk though, it still a hustle just like any other job. I rather women have control over their work and body 🙂

  11. Momma knows what's up, she was like "oh Trish a Paytas does that"

    Edit: she said Trisha is DAMAGED!!! momma really know what's up!!! Lmao, but Trisha is DAMAGED for her gross behavior not only fans tho. But that was savaaaaaage, momma, Savage!

  12. I really understood what you meant about your body after giving birth. I myself haven't given birth but I had a horribly abusive ex that constantly shamed me about my body. After I finally left him I didn't feel beautiful or sexy. None of it. I had guys sniffing around, and one even stalked me, but I never believed it was because of my body or my looks. It's taken me a long time to realize that I am beautiful and I have a great body. Is it a little fat? Sure. But it's still worth looking at. So, you do you baby. Own your body. ♥️

  13. I actually started an onlyfans a day before your first video came out. Though I'm doing it as "anonymous" as possible. As in I don't show my face. I've gained a lot of weight over the past year and it helps me with my confidence. It is a strange experience to be honest but I've been having fun lol

  14. Paige I have a question. I want to do onlyfans or something similar (I’m legit a nobody lol so idk if I even can) but how do you feel about ppl being able to take those photos they paid for and posting them elsewhere?? That’s my biggest worry honestly. Is it something we kinda just have to accept?

  15. It does suck when your watching porn with your man and their vaginas are all cute literally looking like one little like, one lil (|) down there and me having four kids… well let’s just say mine don’t look like that lol. And while my husband could give less of a fuck I feel self conscious about my sloppy joe (compared to these adult actors lol)

  16. Whoooooooaaaa Chile. Her mom saying “I love black ppl but don’t marry them” confirmed what I was thinking forever about you lol. Really sad hearing that from a black woman with VERY African features say something so disgusting. Yikes. Notice how no other race ever says things like that; I feel for black ppl. That was beyond sad; really made me hurt for them, I couldn’t imagine not loving myself and my race so much that I encourage others around me not to marry my people (which is also what your daughter is). I’m sure they understand white ppl also say the samething; I’m sure then the mom would be saying hypothetical things again (that it’s not right to be judge purely off of your skin color) Dang Paige I’m so sorry, still love you but now things make more sense with some of the things you do/say that’s completely against your own race

  17. I was worried for a minute when ypu said last year you might be leaving yt, Paige, your smashing it, content wise lately. Keep leading the way you lil bombshell. So proud of you babes


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