The Same Room Special w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts & Essence Atkins – Is It Worth the Wait?





  1. So glad to see you back Stephanie. I've been wishing and waiting for another episode. This has been a blessing to watch and it came at the right time with positive reassurance. Thank you all for sharing valuable insights on this topic. Bless you all and I look forward to the next episode 🙏🏽

  2. This is the best episode of this series. Seeing Essence Atkins being so vulnerable and transparent was truly encouraging! And I'm so excited to see her flourish in her walk with Christ.

  3. Wow I definitely needed to hear this. There is so much to discover about self in the process of waiting, we just have to posture ourselves right. Thank you Essence, indeed waiting is never a punishment. God bless you ladies for this, as I continue to wait on the Lord.

  4. My main takeaway: What is the point of that desire/goal? It usually will lead to a feeling or validation we think it's going to provide and then ask yourself why do you seek that feeling and/or validation. Where does it come from? Powerful! Grateful and blessed for watching this.

  5. This message just blessed my whole soul. I pray that everyone that sees this knows that they will come out of whatever they are going through and the waiting season is ok.
    It’s ok to wait. My heart is full. Thank you

  6. If you are reading this, may you attract everything you’ve been patiently waiting for & be passionate to pursue it whole-heartedly. It will naturally flow into your life when you are ready to receive it. Hope our channel helps you on your journey 🙏

  7. A new episode 😭😭😭😭😭 Ohhhhh my gosh❗️I’m so happy right now 😩👏🏽 Lord knows how much I needed this message and how timely it is in this season of my life 🙏🏽
    Thank you for the reminder that “God makes everything beautiful in His own time” 👏🏽♥️😭
    That last 5mins when Miss Essence and Pst. SJR were “looking and speaking” to themselves in mirror 😭🥺😢 AND THAT PRAYER❗️Woahhhhh, Chileeeeee 🔥🤧

  8. You simply just go through the processes and not worry about time. Achieving your desires may not necessarily be a short time or long time. Just make the most out of what and who you have right now to achieve your desires which will keep your mind of time especially if you are genuinely passionate about them…facts or facts?


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