Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian REACT To Leaked Call With Kanye West!


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  1. Omg I just watched her Reputation stadium tour again on Netflix and I finally found out the songs “look what you made me do” and “I did something bad” are about Kanye! It all makes sense now!

  2. Kim and Kanye were wrong for editing parts out, hiding the truth and not being all the way upfront. Knowing she didn’t want to be referred to as a bitch, I can sympathize with her. Every woman deserves respect enough to be called by her name and not out of it. THEY are wrong for that. Now with that said, I don’t care what y’all say. Taylor is not innocent. Too many things happened in her career with other people involved that everybody can’t be lying or crazy imagining that she’s a mean girl with a constant victim mentality.

  3. People, be worried about how to keep yourself safe with the invisible enemy #CHineseVirus, who cares about what some two adult have in their phone conversation. he who haven't sin should cast the first stone lol. sure y'all talking shit here has liar to someone unapolotigically . People these days are very hypocritical , y'all tryna uphold someone on something y'all have done. lmao.

  4. Cleaver News should break down the lies in Kim's Tweet Storm.

    It is obvious that Kim and Kanye will never back down. They can't without admitting that they lied all along… and Kim will NEVER do that. (she knows that the admission could be used in a libel suit against the them)

    This will all die down (eventually). And from now on, any think piece about Kanye and Taylor will have to include the information in the larger video, indicating that Taylor told the truth the whole time. That's part of the reason for Kim's tweet storm, so she could flood the narrative with more misinformation & try to change the narrative back to her favor. Just wait till she addresses it on her reality TV show.

    Stay tuned for the next installment of the Kimye B.S. Show!

  5. Seriously who gives a flying duck? These idiots need to take this crap and and grow the freak up.We got more serious shit going on..why do we have to listen to these morons in a pissing contest?So immature.Taylor needs to move on…and Kanye if he is such a Christian as he claims, this conversation would not have gone this far.Are'nt the Kardashians old gossip by now? Jeesh …boring…mind- numbing dumb.

  6. Taylor Swift need to move on because the issue was that she claim she didn't give permission for him to her music but she did so yes she didn't know he call her a bish so let's move on. Taylor love attention.

  7. I'm so weirded out about this, obviously Kanye and Kim lied about the lines but at the beginning Taylor and her team said that they never received a call, and when Kim called her out, both Taylor and her team said that the conversation didn't have the line (I made that b** famous), which was why she got called a liar and a snake, because before the scandal she (Taylor) tried to go for her ex at the time (Calvin Harris) about her not being mention in the song "This is what you came for" but she was, under the pen name she requested, which is why Calvin told her "you aren't doing to me what you did to Katy perry" (while they made peace now, Taylor had said in an interview that Katy stole her dancer from her concert tour, which wasn't true, Katy lend her the dancers she works with because the company Taylor usually worked with was booked and Katy told her that she was gonna need her dancers back in 6 months time, for Katys own tour, and when the contract ended and the dancer went back to Katy, Taylor got made the whole feud) anyway back to Calvin, and then when Taylor said Calvin broke up with her because because he was bored with her, Calvin had the receipts about how they broke up (Taylor texted him and a day later she was dating Tom hiddleston), Calvin thought she was recording at her studio, and she was with Tom (it was implied she cheated but Calvin wasn't sure, and no further comments were made on it, because Calvin was hurt by it), and then the phone call happened and that why she got called a liar and a snake (and turns out she was cheating on both Calvin and Tom (if the relationship was real and not a publicity stunt for her new album) because she was also seeing Joe), Kanye and Kim are awful for what they did but Taylor isn't a Saint or innocent either, I'm glad Taylor has at least become aware of the things she did, just hope Kanye and Kim do the same


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