Tati & Manny Mua SHADE Jeffree Star On Instagram





  1. Just with all things he been going thru he needs them, plus the father comment iget 2, dogs already don't have him living with them & most of them have had Nate raise them from the get go !!! Yes any1 could watch them & the look happy but dogs r just like that !!! Dogs have lost fam 2 & they cant talk about it sooo it's understandable why JS feels that way !!! @theviewersvoice @nicksnyder

  2. I don't see anything shady about the blendiful stuff, and I can't stand Manny so… anyways I ordered 2 and I'm looking forward to it, People take off of work for lots of reasons, some tragic some petty, and when jeffrees work is showing up overseas, even though hes going through everything, I do not blame him for "calling in sick". I would do the same and we've seen in the past he usually finds a way to make it up to people, bigger and better than it would have been the 1st time. I think people need to be more compassionate and remember he is a human being and some people after going through all the things he is going through would commit suicide or at least become addicted to drugs to try to cope, so I think we need to let him have his space right now and give him time- hes going through, and HAS GONE, through a lot! I know u can relate and u don't know it about me, but so can I (2.75 years clean after 10 years addiction because of child abuse- mental/emotional AND physical-, sexual abuse, abandonment issues, manic depression, anxiety, and a baby that passed away from SIDS in a short time span will fuck someone up) so my point is he's going through a lot and if at the end of this hell he's going through, he ends up well adjusted and a learned hard lessons without a crutch, then it will have been worth it not to see him for a few hours in Europe ❤

  3. On some level, I do get the dog thing. It was a tad extra but He has recently lost two dogs while he was far from home. Additionally, Dogs read energy. If there’s tension in their “pack” or the owners are upset, dogs get stressed. I’m sure between the breakup and the move it has all caused the energy to shift greatly. He is probably worried about adding any additional stress and causing the oldest dog to keel over.

  4. But even when they were friends manny and Tati still talked about each other’s products…. I mean they’re technically coworkers, why does it matter. I mean I think it’s ridiculous just because one friend or best friend is not getting along with another doesn’t mean that you can’t get along with them at work…

  5. I got my shipping tracking # for the blendiful, I’m so excited to try it. I have a Clinique compact powder I love to use to set the oily parts of my face and I need that small puff lol I tried using a brush but I didn’t like it lol and the little sponge that came with it got dirty so fast and then fell on the floor because I’m clumsy -.- so I’m looking forward to getting it lol

  6. It’s not shady. It’s literally friends supporting each other. It wasn’t about jeffree, it was about tati’s new product and her friend reviewing it. Literally just that. People create their own things in their mind and it’s insane. Who cares if they’ve all had drama, they’re still humans that are allowed to be happy and support each other and have people support them. Holy shit. They’re doing nothing wrong so just be happy for them!

  7. As someone who has to leave their pets for days for days upon days to go see my husband because he works away from home… I cried for JEFFREE when his two babies died while he and nate were away, that is literally my number one fear that I’m not there if something major happens… so I can understand why he used that excuse, he’s lost two dogs, a relationship, his mom and grandma aren’t doing good so I can get why he’s not wanting to be away from home. That can cause a lot of anxiety and panic for anyone.

  8. @Theviewersvioce I agree no has to being throwing shade all the time. Your right people always complain that the beauty community is unsupportive of one another but when they do it’s ‘shade’.
    Also random, are you going to do more dead by daylight streams?!? I just got a ps4 for Christmas and it’s one of the games I downloaded first because you got me so into it! I would love to play sometime! Hope you do more of those gaming streams again!

  9. I like Tati, BUT I can't be the only one who listens to her talk and says "GET TO THE FUCKING POINT" …. She drags on and on and on about the same shit ….. Or is it just me being the super bitch I am 🤷🤷😂🤣

  10. Ok but I literally can’t fathom leaving my cat for more than a day either tbh. Yes my cat has people around that love him and will feed him but I myself want to be around. I depend on seeing my cat just as much as he depends on me to show him love and take care of him. All those other people that work for jeffree and who take care of the dogs when needed are still not the animals parent/person. I completely understand where jeffree is coming from on that. Their dad is now not constantly in the picture and I’m sure they miss Nathan, and I’m sure jeffree doesn’t want them to feel like he left them too. Jeffree is in a bad place right now and his animals probably bring him the most comfort in the world rn.

  11. She hated manny for not supporting her vitamin, and now? Wth! So maybe she will be friends with james later. Poor jeffree i dont know what happened with their friendship😟

  12. Let's talk Jeffrey I believe that Jeffrey Starr went on a romantic get away without the dogs and I believe his then boyfriend went with him correct me if I'm wrong so it's OK to go on a luxury vacation with your boyfriend and leave the dogs but you can't go to a work commitment and leave the dogs I call BS

  13. If it was like a day or two without having my husband there then okay but 10 days.. I wouldn't want to leave them either. I totally understand Jeffree where hes coming from there. Plus I bet they're probably his security blankets ❤

  14. my pom literally mopes when im gone for ONE DAY and he's left w his best friends in his FAVORITE place where he is absolutely spoiled. poms are very people centric dogs and i cant imagine losing him or having him lose one of his best friends when i wasnt there w him. i completely understand jeffree not being able to leave them after everything that has happened and im sure he needs them for support right now as well.

  15. He's heart broken Nick … your going through recovery … a break up deadass can be just as painful as what you went through. I think you should be a bit more sensitive. He's fuckin heart broken how is gonna do a good makeup class ?

  16. With Jeffree, I was thinking he meant it is HIM that can't even think of leaving his dogs esp where their father is gone…as in he doesn't have Nate, he can't even fathom ALSO not being WITH his dogs, too.
    He didnt say he can't leave his dogs "alone", he said "the thought of leaving my dogs for that long…" esp where their father isnt here, or esp where Nate isnt with me, I cant be without my dogs, too….if that makes sense. He prob should have worded it differently like I can't fathom being without my dogs, esp where Im already without Nate…not to tell someone how to word their sentences or anything, lol!! THat's just how I took what he said or was trying to say.

  17. I'm so tired of JS and his stand acting like they're in high school. Just because he's not friends with someone doesn't mean everyone he ever associated with can no longer talk to or associate with them either. And he can't have it both ways and cut ties with Tati but then also play the shade card. She's going to go about her life. Also manny was supportive of her with the palette too so I think she's just really appreciative of his unsolicited support.

  18. What Tati said and did on Instagram was in no way her trying to throw shade at anybody. That is a serious reach.
    Also, I completely agree with what you said about Jeffree. I get that he's hurting and he's trying to heal, but at the same time trying to claim his dogs needing him right now for his reason to not go to Europe seems ridiculous. I have dogs, and yes they do miss you when you're not around, but it's not like they understand that mommy and daddy essentially got a divorce. Yeah they're going to miss Nate but it's not like they understand exactly what's going on and are going through depression. It's not like Jeffree is going to put them in a kennel somewhere with random people while he travels. I think he just needs time to heal and he's using his dogs as a crutch, and that is absolutely understandable, but he shouldn't blame them for not traveling. LOL

  19. I'm sorry but I don't like that Tati is shouting Manny out. Just because she's not stupid. She knows that anytime people mention Lee and Manny it's usually as snakes, and usually in reference to Jeffree Star. I mean it's just facts. How are you going to never mention them then suddenly you support either one of them? I think a lot of people were left wondering if talk to you and Jeffrey were still friends, and to me this is Tati in some small form telling us no. Because she never did that when they were. So then I'm left wondering why she feels it's important to insinuate this. Something is just not clear here, is all I'm saying. Because I don't think Tati is fake, but girl knows about Image and portrayal. No way she's doing this after the drama of the year, and not aware.

  20. Look, business is business and business doesn't have "feelings" .. the nature of business is always going to be the fact that nothing is EVER personal when money/negotiation/promoting/ is involved . When running ANY business, there is no room for enemies when everyone is a potential client/consumer. Tati's goal is to sell and regardless of whether she's friends with both or neither, she is now a business person and has to be in good standings with everyone. There is no "TAKING SIDES" because the only side your on, is your own business. Its cold and its detached, but its what keeps the flow going. Just my 2 cents..

  21. Some people have never been in a relationship that lasts more than a night. Some people have never been on a flight or left the country or the CONTINENT. You aren’t them just as they aren’t you, and sometimes it’s just not that deep! LOL


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