tana mongeau is losing followers because of THIS





  1. Tana could be using edibles as an alternative, I hope she stops doing the show, it's very over dramatized and it's just teaching children and teenagers that this behavior is okay or cool. The show is doing more harm than good to her career at this point.

  2. I had my first asthma attack when I was 2 weeks old and went blue. My dad had to hold me in the bathroom with the shower on, as the steam helped me to breathe a little better, until the ambulance came. Imagine how scary that was for a set of first time parents. Asthma is no joke. Especially with the virus going around. People please be safe out there.

  3. honestly I'm fine with Tana being cancelled and I think at least Trish should feel that too I'm tired of the trolling and I'm tired of the lack of responsibility for both of them. They both huge platforms and should be held responsible but at least with the DID video she's posted trolling or not I think they should be removed because they've created great harm in the community and a lot of disinformation .

  4. Dustin I left a comment for Tana on the Mtv video I cussed her out for a reason now remember what you said in the beginning of your video how bad it is to self diagnose well if you watch Trisha's video she says in the video that she was not diagnosed by a doctor with any mental health issues but then says that the closet thing she has is DID that she diagnosed herself with. Trisha then calls a girl that is actually diagnosed with DID crazy this is why everyone is pissed at her and she doesn't want to apologise for it and no she's an adult hiding behind her uncles death as an excuse to act like an asshole to other people is a horrible thing to do yeah losing a loved one is terrible experience but I think she's using it as an excuse to be an asshole to people to call people with actually mental health problems crazy you don't go do something like that while spreading misinformation to her platform and viewers that's wrong. If you lose a loved one wouldn't you go mourn and go offline to grieve with other family members? Dustin please go watch the videos and see for yourself.

  5. As a person with mild asthma who has been blessed with not too many difficulties, I feel like the main reason I'm okay is because I acknowledge the fact that I have it and use my inhaler when I need to. Always take your diagnoses seriously.

  6. F this. I can only use 13% of my lung compactly due* to asthma and allergies, I can’t afford the recommended medications to get my breathing right and with the current pandemic I could die….

  7. Long story; so I woke up on a Monday morning with pain on my left side. Stabbing painful pain. It persisted for 3 full days. I of course went on webmd and the top result was diverticulitis. So I told my mom. She proceeded to call the doctor and explained everything and they penciled me in first thing in the morning. My doctor had no idea what was wrong so he ordered a CT scan. At the end of they day I get a message saying they’ve booked an appointment with a surgeon for me the next morning (a Friday morning). I go to the surgeon and he said that the pain was being caused by fatty tissue being twisted around my colon. But the scans also showed that my appendix was enlarged. So he said he could give me meds to help with the tissue but the appendix would still be an issue or we could remove it surgically. I told my mom that I didn’t want to be on any more meds after being on antibiotics for 4 years. So they booked me for surgery the same day. It was a good thing because my appendix burst as they were in surgery. While I wouldn’t recommend self diagnosing yourself, in my case it saved my life.

  8. She doesn’t have asthma. I have asthma. My stepson and youngest daughter have asthma. Her symptoms are not asthma. She just smokes too damn much !!! But she says she has to smoke and party 24/7 because that’s what her fans expect. I’m willing to bet it’s a different respiratory issue.


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