Summer Walker snaps at Wendy Williams & haters | She talks about Drake and her 3 hour lateness





  1. How was she stripper for 4 years I dont get this with social anxiety she should have wrote a speech for the soul train awards and im need her to hug her fans like u did wit drake boo you made self look bad you need to take accountability summer and then u not trying to work on any of your issue talk shit about the people who are rooting for u they were all rooting for u in my Tyra Banks voice but its sad

  2. Omg I get what she means about showers always have expectations with showers people should scrub their shower with exist mould or bleach making sure its clean weird looking at a dirty shower . the dirty shower last time I used was at the beach

  3. People dont got to be happy for yall mfers all the time i can the lady can be sick dying yall nigguhs still want her to dance n prance i would literally tell eberyone fuck off idc

  4. A lot of the public believes social anxiety = being an introvert, which is not true! I hope summer takes a break and tries to figure out what she wants moving forward. If she wants to be a singer and tour she’ll have to come up different coping strategies to do that. Maybe she should try having a personal therapist on tour with her, A emotional support animal in case she has anxiety attacks, or she can try medication.

  5. Summer walker needs to realize HER FANS PAY HER BILLS!!!! She needs to stop playing victim because her fans are paying their hard earned money to see her. Yes they are going to be upset when they paid for a 3 hour show and they only get 45 minutes.

    Millions of people would kill to be in her spot and she is being ungrateful. She knew what she signed up for!!!!! She knew she had social anxiety before accepting the check for the tour so that’s not even a valid excuse at this point.

  6. i get that she has social anxiety. i do but whatever u say, has to match your actions. she has social anxiety but there is literally a video of her on twitter coming out her car and all she has on is a shirt and thong !! it’s daylight outside and she walked out her house like that and into her car. she was like “it too hot” and gon turn around and show the camera her ass like how does that match up. the video was obviously posted so she can’t be that nervous.

  7. Yooo,???this bish is crazy…??yall made her famous. If I would of waited for that hoe and she would of been 20minutes late?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ yall actually waited 3hrs, in the cold for this illiterate chic??? then got on social media to bash her??wtf, Her music is trash B. Throw this whole hoe away??? Drake made her late treated her like the freak she is and wore her ass out then tossed her to the side. She's a homie-hopper B…*NEXT!!

  8. You know its been alot said about her so now she's fighting back with alot of hurt really I can hear the hurt.And yes mental health is very real and when everyone is coming at a person they feel like they have to fight back and most if the TIME its the wrong way so instead of knocking and saying ugly words PRAY for her that she will get things together again WORDS DO HURT FLIP THE SCRIPT ON YOURSELF HOW WILL YOU FEEL BE HONEST LIKE THE SONG GOES THE ONLY TIME YOU SHOULD LOOK DOWN ON ANYONE IS WHEN YOU LIFTING THEM UP MAY GOD BLESS SUMMER. AND ASK GOD FOR FAVOR HE LOVES. YOU


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