Stars Give Love to Kobe Bryant, 'It's Just Tragic' | TMZ





  1. I hope TMZ gets canceled…. its NO excuse as to why they put the news up before the family even found out.. they had to find out from social media…no real closure..that's wrong

  2. Illuminati, he sold his soul to the devil for money and fame just like everyone in Hollywood and in return this is how the devil returns the favor, truth, someone has to be real.

  3. TMZ is disgusting purposefully digging at and capitalizing on people's pain. On top of that law enforcement officials in Los Angeles have criticized TMZ for being the first to report of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter on Sunday, BEFORE police were able to notify his family of the tragedy. Incredibly cold-hearted all to make a buck out of someone else's tragedy.

  4. Weak ass responses. They dont look sad.. "oh um..yeah rip a legend man"…
    " yeah yeah sad man rip.."
    "Man couldnt believe it my pryers go out to them… "
    French Montana "oh yeah feels bad man"
    The Game fucking dummy old ass moFo seems like he wanted that camera on him he sound dumb ass fuck. I Fuckin dislike that stupid mothafucker. Says the dumbest shit all for clout.


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