Shane Dawson DRAGGED After Trisha Paytas Accidentally EXPOSES Him On Twitter





  1. It's ok if they see each other! Not trying to start fights. But this pandemic is really no worse than the flu. It breaks my heart that some people are unable to see elderly/sick relatives. But what also breaks my heart, is that they should be able to – there's no reason to social distance to this extent

  2. What's the big deal if it is at their own discretion? I'm in Canada and where I am we have had 10 people in a closed space. Tomorrow it is moving up to 25. We have had 290 confirmed cases, 265 recovered, 18 active cases right now with one person in ICU, and seven deaths.
    The biggest thing is washing your hands and avoiding touching your face.

  3. I just think that some people shouldn’t say these things about others while they themselves might be breaking social distancing rules. I understand where they are coming from but we also do not know how long they stayed or anything. We just know that they went there. (Not trying time be mean or rude)

  4. Really, just because someone does things that are disrespectful doesn’t mean you ditch your beloved friends, especially in need! Y’all freaking out over nothing geez Luis. It was one dang person wearing a mask and most likely was sprayed down by Shane with sanitizer and hand washing. Y’all be scared sitting on your couch gets you corona. I would quoritine two weeks to celebrate my best friends birthday assuming they stayed home in preparation to. I’m so over the over reactions it’s not your life your throwing away let others bite the snakes head and be their own backstabbers

  5. if they were in literally any other country, i probably wouldn’t say anything because they’re wearing masks and i assume all three of them haven’t left the house in two weeks so they’re sure that they don’t have the virus, but they’re in the states !! aren’t y’all at like 100,000 deaths at this point ??

    real bold for a country where healthcare isn’t free 🤭🤭

  6. I think that if it were more than 3 people, the situation would be different. People shouldn’t be bending the rules, but they are. And I’m just saying, 3 close people having a party together (with masks + 6 feet apart) is better than a beach full of people (which for some reason is still happening).

  7. People are overreacting. SEVERAL people aren't social distancing that are in the public eye, and you've probably seen them. But yet you still get pressed about one specific person that isn't social distancing. Plus it's good Shane's using a mask and hand sanitizer atleast.

  8. So, what Trisha did to DisassociaDID (probably got that name wrong), was awful. I have friends with DID and how Trisha can mock them so cruelly is beyond me.

    So i will never buy or support Trisha in anyway. However I think that is where the line should be drawn. Punishing everyone who has ever interacted with her is a bit much. Shane isn't responsible for her actions. Like I haven't supported every choice my own friends have made, but they are still my friends.

    If I was in Shane's shoes I would have dropped her as a friend for those particular actions but that is just me.

  9. As I remember, Trisha was there for Shane when he was having problems with accepting his body. I guarantee you Shane does not like the shady things she's done, but you have to remember that Trisha was there to support him.

  10. I've never been a follower of Trish because of some of the things she has done BUT I don't know her personally and haven't known her for years the way Shane has. I can't see Shane being friends with someone who is purposefully malicious. I think Trisha honestly has some mental issues, not saying she's crazy or anything, I just feel she has some things in her past that she's never fully dealt with. I wholeheartedly feel that those are the people that need stable friends in their life the most. In the end, it's up to Shane to decide who his friends are. We all have at least one friend that others wouldn't care for very much so the finger pointing is ridiculous. As for social distancing, they are wearing mask in a group of THREE and Shane has very real fears about germs so I'm sure they took every precaution necessary.

  11. I’m a hairstylist and I’m back at work… our restaurants are open. The mall is open. The zoo is open. I physically can’t stay 6 feet away from my clients but I wear a mask. I think they’re okay

  12. People need to chill, it’s not the best thing to do considering the things going on, but he is wearing masks standing six feet apart and following all protocols. My dance studio is even re opening right now and my school is set to open next school year

  13. I haven’t seen my parents in two months which has been a bit hard for me especially because I missed mother’s day and my moms birthday. Holidays and birthdays are a BIG deal for me but at that time I was actually sick with COVID-19 and wasn’t cleared to leave my apartment until the health department called to clear me. My birthday is next Friday and I will finally get to see my family. All I’m saying is, you need to proceed with caution if you aren’t sick/haven’t had it, and you NEED to stay home if you’re currently feeling ill or don’t feel safe leaving. You shouldn’t be mad at 3 people who judged the situation and made the decision for themselves. Be mad at the people who are ACTUALLY SICK and still show up to places and cause your loved ones to test positive with it.

  14. I agree, stop making the lockdowns last longer by breaking the only rule you get given. I'm sick of people walking their dogs, visiting family members, doing chores for people when they can let the grass grow, and most importantly letting people in your house then saying "they didn't cough" or "they wasn't sat near me" this will not stop you catching it so grow up and take responsibility.


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