Rihanna Fans SLAM Kylie Jenner For Copying Fenty Beauty With Concealers


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Wait a second… did Kylie cosmetics just COPY Fenty Beauty?! Well… the Rihanna Navy certainly seems …




  1. No one's mad that she came out with the shades. We're mad because the inclusivity was an afterthought. She didn't give a shit about women of different skin tones until she saw Fenty making money. Like "Oh shit, those black/latin/asian/super pale/whatever people buy makeup too, I wanna make money off them!!"

  2. Kylie makes makeup for herself and sells it. She doesn’t truly care about costumers. She literal says she makes the perfect makeup for herself and she HOPES it might work for us…… as if she’s not suppose to worry about us first or something!! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  3. She and her sisters are like those flies at a picnic, you're enjoying yourself and here they come just being bothersome and pesty you can't have nothing to yourself without them crouching to copy dern for real get yo life! I know business is competition but what will she try to steal from her next? Her skin. dang and as for her adding the additionals no kudos because you should have thoroughly did your research chump. I wish I would pay a penny for that crap she calls makeup. Slay and shine bad girl RiRi

  4. Fans of Rihanna sooooo bitter..no wonder Kylie captured the heart of millions of millions of people…we love you Kylie..the more they hate and make false issues about you the more people loving and supporting you..
    Your success define you..

  5. Rihanna actually wanted to make women of color have shades that match them Kylie just is like oh Rihanna is doing better oh I should copy her a little to get more moneys and Kylie doesn’t care that much about her customers I personally feel Rihanna cares about her customers this is my opinion

  6. Kylie did copy of course and the way she’s on Forbes is that she ain’t returning her customer’s money so the customers are being ripped off. I feel bare sorry for people buying kylie’s makeup and getting shit out of it!!!

  7. Kylie isn't trying to push up the makeup indrusty and people can see that because Kylie unfollowed Rhianna when she first came out with fenty beauty. And why would she do that it's because she's jealous of Rhianna being in the spotlight and making money for her geneoristy.

  8. Yess man everyone is like “other brands take notes” “other brands watch n learn” I’ll be 100% honest I love Fenty beauty and I’ve never even tried any of Kylie’s makeup, but don’t be telling other brands to “watch and learn” and make more shades then go fucking insane when someone does…

  9. So your telling me now that Rihanna released 40 diverse shades no other company can do it because it’s copying? I’m pretty sure 40 shades already existed before Rihanna’s. it just matters if it’s good quality makeup

  10. Take it or leave it sis. Kylie is doing what everyone wants to happen… now that she is making more shades she so called coping?! Come on people. You should be grateful there’s more then 10 shade. So only Rihanna is aloud to make 40 shades?!….. come on people?! Like I said TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT PEOPLE! #GetOffOfHerAss #PettyIsNotAGoodThingSis


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