Rae Sremmurd's Brother Arrested For Stepdad's Murder | TMZ NEWSROOM





  1. Rob go sit down , girls are normally worser than boys and will fight and all when young that kid is being a kid chyna has never had a problem raising a child just stop that child hasn't said anything has happened to her. It is kids out here that are actually being harmed but not yours damn. Your sisters are beautiful women too just like chyna so if you take one child might as well take all.

  2. Everyone is saying so sad for dream but this is only allegations not proven. For all we know it’s just a bitter ex making up lies. Tyga doesn’t appear to have any complaints or be going for custody. I doubt she’s perfect but she may not be what she is accused of. After watching her and her mum though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a toxic environment, we’re all a product of our environment

  3. Pop’s look’s young and in shape considering his age of 62. I guess the old man still was putting hand’s on the youngster. This generation don’t have any hand skill’s. They just love that trigger finger….Smdh!

  4. They need to stop trying to take that girl from her mom! Tired of the KarTRASHIANS, y'all all eating from Kim sex tape and Bruce silly ass Caitlin scandal… don't ever come for Chyna!

  5. You made your bed now lay in it. Welcome to the crazy baby mama club. You dont get to tap out now. When she was doing all that twerking on you it was kool huh my boi???????‍♂️


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