R. Kelly's Girlfriends Punch, Kick & Claw in Fight Video | TMZ





  1. And Azriel tried to act like she was all innocent. 🙄 She is so sneaky and deceptive. Looks like those charges that she pressed against Joycelyn won't stand. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. why tf was joycelyn screaming so much though?🤔🤔🤔no I mean like fr fr you guys,think about it.I might be reaching.But maybe her getting beat up,and hands put on her,triggered emotions,and flashbacks of when R.kelly got violent,and abusive with them.

  3. So Why WAs Jocelyn’Put-IN JAiL??? WhEN ITz ‘Visable THAT Arizal BeAt’0N JoY… And Not THE 0ther’WAy Around.., SMh , I Just Woke’Up OUt My SLeEp … Sooo JoY will use This iN Court 0r What? I DoNt WiSH Bad on Neither oF THe Two Kids, IM Saying WHAt I JuST SAw’WAs Lil’Az Attacking JoY!’ But On AZ IG—- AZ BeHaved Like JoY BEAT On Her!’ UMm🤔… iF Ain’t NoBody WAtCHing GoD’Is. KELLz Let These Kids Go🙄’it’s Like A SChool’Fight BAByGirl iS CHildish AS’HELL…. I meAn WAt!’ Da-ProBlem ISs BABy’ You’0N think you CAN dO Better or WHAT?? IM Confused. I Love You Tho GoodNight BAby👄💦


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