Orlando Bloom Got His Son’s Name Tattooed On His Arm – But It’s Spelled Wrong!


Nice try, Orlando Bloom!


The Pirates of the Caribbean star was all too happy this week to show off his new tattoo: the birthdate of his 9-year-old son, Flynn, in a minimalist design on his forearm with the boy’s name spelled out in Morse code. There’s just one problem with the whole thing… it’s spelled wrong!

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The 43-year-old film star evidently got the new ink while in Prague, Czech Republic, where tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi was all too happy to show off his handiwork. And as you can see (below), the design itself is very beautiful in its own minimalist way, even if there is a MAJOR error there:

Wow! Honestly, the concept is kind of cool! And as you can see in the caption of that first pic, the artist acknowledged “a dot is missing,” and will be included apparently sometime soon.

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Even with the mistaken Morse code jumble, Bloom and Balazs were all smiles upon completion of the piece, too:


Just one little problem… fans weren’t exactly forgiving about the honest mistake. As you can probably expect, Instagram commenters came from all over to shout-out the bad spelling which, written out as it is in the pictures here, has the name as “Frynn” instead of Flynn. Oops!!!

One commenter wrote in reaction to the error:

“But it’s misspelled…. it spells ‘FRYNN’ right now. You’re missing a dot. Such a high profile client and you don’t double check before putting ink on skin”


“It might be easier to change your son’s name to Frynn,” another commenter quipped in reaction, piling on to the comments pointing out the mistake. And still another IG user jumped in with a HUGE reach in their reaction, adding:

“The number tattooed on someone’s forearm always gives me a very bad association with the Holocaust…”

Yeah, uhhh, they’re not wrong about it! That’s obviously NOT what Bloom was going for here, but we get what they mean.

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Point is, it sure seems like this tattoo as it’s constructed now was a little bit less than ideal, ya know?! And there’s a life lesson to be learned here, too: ALWAYS triple-check names, dates, spellings, and apparently Morse code dots, too, before getting them inked permanently onto your skin!

You got that one, Orlando?! LOLz! Poor guy!!!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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