Offset is All Smiles After Gun Incident at L A Shopping Mall | TMZ





  1. I guess one of☝️his homie took the fall..Fuck that I would never be the fall guy no matter how much money ?is involved…Freedom is priceless and jail is for the birds ?

  2. I feel there’s a full-time team of officers just baiting and waiting for these guys to slip up literally just seating every morning waiting for a rapper to slip up such ashamed go and solve real crime Pigs ?

  3. I can't believe black people are still watching TMZ after the firing of Van Lathan. I mean, can we be serious about anything. Do your oppressors have y'all so zoned out that y'all can't control yourself? Stop asking white people to respect y'all and start making them respect y'all. You can do this by respecting yourself! Take a stance on something and hold it! (NFL, Gucci, whatever.) Van was a truth teller, a thorn in the side of bigotry and hate, the balance between Harvey's contempt for black people and the love we should have for ourselves. Sure they'll prop up some other black people who will stay in line and make the show look fair but it's not real. Stop watching TMZ until Harvey publicly apologizes! make him respect black people.

  4. TMZ how is your NUMBERS doing? Let's see what kind of numbers you can get in the LITTLE BEAST'S impeachment proceedings. It's needed for the TALLY so they can get marked.

    Leave God's little brothas alone to pursue for their families.

  5. Yoooo no cap make me feel happy that people speak Spanish like him ??? we need niggas like him I know people who they are from countries that speak Spanish and now they don’t want to say even a word ??????

  6. Yeah he was “something” by the way he was yelling and his reaction. They did him like that hoping he had a gun on him based on recent events. Need to stay at home for a while and chill. Drop another LP and catalog some music before he goes to prison for gun possession and being a felon. Make sure CB and the baby got some chill money.


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