Offset Detained by Cops After Report of Gun at L.A. Shopping Mall | TMZ





  1. I can't believe black people are still watching TMZ after the firing of Van Lathan. I mean, can we be serious about anything. Do your oppressors have y'all so zoned out that y'all can't control yourself? Stop asking white people to respect y'all and start making them respect y'all. You can do this by respecting yourself! Take a stance on something and hold it! (NFL, Gucci, whatever.) Van was a truth teller, a thorn in the side of bigotry and hate, the balance between Harvey's contempt for black people and the love we should have for ourselves. Sure they'll prop up some other black people who will stay in line and make the show look fair but it's not real. Stop watching TMZ until Harvey publicly apologizes! make him respect black people.

  2. Society sold us on, oh if you become Rich and Famous, All Your Problems will go away. Where? Not these All Ya Show is Rich and Famous Folks stay in trouble, especially Tmz ya know folks business before they even know it.

  3. Cops have a legal obligation to state why they're detaining you, its seems as though the cops didnt inform offset of why he was being detained as you can clearly hear him state. That's why hes making it a big deal, and if you dont thinks it's a big deal, you're a part of the problem with how police get away with abusing their "power". Infringement on rights is nothing so be quiet about.

  4. There nothing u can do to talk a cop out of it after they put u in hand cuffs u my well jus say I want my lawyer and go to the station cos ur going anyways why argue I learned my lesson the hard way lol


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