Nina Dobrev Crying Goodbye to "The Vampire Diaries"


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  1. I understand her reasons. What are you going to do with fame and lots of money if you aren't happy anymore. Maybe she don't wanna live her life with the expectations of many. Leaving the show because it's just so hard ( even you're a professional actress ) to be with ur ex and doing very intimate scenes and knowing that ur ex is dating one of your friends. I just felt so sad for her she's just a human she have feelings too. Well REAL FANS will understand her. It saddens me of the fact that she left the show but I love her, I understand her and I'm respect her decision. All love nina ?

  2. I’ve just finished The LAST episode of S6:E22 and I come across a vid saying she was in 6 seasons when there’s 8 so now I guess I’m watching the last 2 seasons without Nina/Elena :((( I thought she was going come out of her coffin after 60 years:(((((?

  3. I was shocked when I first heard that since the show is based around her lol
    and also did nina go to candice's wedding or did kat became bestfriends with nikki?
    no one can blame nina for leaving the cast or breaking up with Ian.


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