Nikocado Avocado Goes TOO FAR w/ SHOCKING Video, More Dirt on Ellen LEAKS





  1. i dont know nik or james before this video but only seen what they show here, why james in the first place would make jokes about nik… we are in 2020 people!! why we dont leave people alone if they aren't doing something wrong :/

  2. In an instagram story james said all of this was supposed to be a joke none of this was supposed to be taken seriously he was not feeling uncomfortable aswell in fact he only made a video about nikocado because he thought he was funny

  3. There is no problem with niko and james the only issue is just that people are just taking the whole situation out of context

    They are either calling out niko or james when they both agreed it was something funny.

  4. The last I heard of Nik, wasn't he trying to repair his relationship with his ex (or husband? what are they?)? Isn't this counterproductive. I really don't get him, and at first I felt some sympathy for him but now it's getting kind of hard to.

  5. I really like Nick. I enjoyed a lot of his videos. I hope he doesn’t let people’s reactions of him make him feel like he has to make a bigger reaction or more shocking. Every single time. I feel kinda bad about it because I get so annoyed by him. When he acts out something to make a point. I guess I can see it. But the ones he addresses see it as him going crazy. like isn’t crazy that because people know he reacts the way he does they decide to
    Make videos mocking him and his actions. Like yeah I don’t see the point in what nick does either. But why would I go and make him out to be the worst example? according to my “higher morals and actions.”

  6. Trying to get my head around why a popular person, like Nikki, being giving an opportunity to come out as Trans on one of the biggest mainstream platforms, decides to globally bash Ellen, because she wasn't surrounded by warm fuzzies… Girl, learn to frost your own emotional cupcakes LOL (with that platform boost, she could have done so much good, for the Trans community, epic missed opportunity)

  7. i am no fan of nik's but jeeze, the guys made fun of his genitalia first… and screenshared his only fans to people who didn't pay for the content… how is that above reproach?

  8. Honestly, I do think it's messed up that they bought his content to make fun of him and ridicule him online. And also that they shared that content between themselves – they didn't all pay. So they don't all get to see it.

  9. Everyone’s pointing at nikocado when James technically crossed the line when he entered nick’s onlyfan’s account. He made jokes about nick but couldn’t take the jokes that nick made about him. Of course it’ll come off as flirtatious, I mean who wouldn’t be surprised, knowing nick’s personality. James should own up and apologize so that they both could move on, yet he made a video saying that he and his friends were uncomfortable with nick’s behavior. he was asking for it !!
    As for Ellen, I guess it’s a celebrity thing. When you have so much going on, all the things she does would definitely come off as not genuine .can’t say much about her . I’m not a fan .hahahaha

  10. I know these type of you tuber aren’t your go to channels to spill tea on, but can you report on the news about callmecarson, fitz, and Katerino? Please?..The situation broke my heart but I don’t have much intel on it.


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