NikkieTutorials BLACKMAILED & Comes Out To Fans!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Nikkie Tutorials just shocked the world …




  1. There is nothing inspiring or brave about this neckbeard coming out. They aren't unicorns. They're not special. Why do people keep jerking them off like their some kind of second coming. So what you're trans. I was born with a vagina. You don't call me brave or inspirational and I'm an actual woman. Period.

  2. Good for her! I had no idea.Totally wouldn't have guessed. It's so shitty that people would blackmail her for that. I've never really watched her channel but I fully support her in this!

  3. At first I thought she was bi or lesbian but then when people started to say she was trans I thought she was turning from female to male. I did not see that coming but I still see her the same way, an amazing artist and a wonderful person.❤

  4. im so proud of her and my favorite advice was just her assurance that it gets better, especially since i am in a very tough place right now it almost felt like she was speaking directly to me like she knew

  5. Call me a skeptic I guess, or possibly naive, but I'm wondering if the whole "blackmailing" thing was made up to give herself an excuse to finally come out after all of these years or to bring her added notoriety. Who would literally blackmail anyone over this type of thing in this day and age?!? Things like this are celebrated and praised now so who really cares – like it would make a negative difference in any way. This is why I'm thinking the story is fabricated and it worked. She could've easily 'came-out' without even mentioning "blackmailers" to foil their plan, but it was necessary to victimize her and draw people in. smh

  6. So bassicly she was catfishing us untill someone tried to blackmail her him ? And now he she van be him herself!? Yall fake as fuck and so is she he! My cousin asked me so i was taking period advice from a big ass grown ass man? My advice be you from the getgo

  7. I’m so proud of her for taking back her own and giving a big screw you to the blackmailers, despite the circumstances it’s amazing and inspiring. She is so strong, brave, and courageous!

  8. Ugh why do people feel so entitled to everyone else's private info, feelings and emotions??? The person who threatened to out her should now be outed because dang, they might get throughly blasted by her fans. BUT, kudos to her for keeping it classy

  9. Im so proud for people like nikki to stand up for themselves. No one should be blackmail. Thanks to nikki my cousin who was abuse saw her video and had the courage to open up about what happen to her. Im still in shock but my family is there to support her.?

  10. Im am not transphobic. But idk I feel like this is an agenda being pushed. I wouldn’t mind at all if she’s transgender but I have doubts. It’s not to much to see baby pictures or throwbacks before she started her journey….

  11. It is shocking! yo say the least. And for me it is very difficult to believe. But most of all it feels like a betrayal of some sorts. I want to see pictures of her as a boy. I'm thinking she's only coming out by force. Not by the honesty and transparency she has said she has all along.


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