Nicole Nafziger Reunites with Azan; Will the Coronavirus Keep Her in Morocco?


Earlier this week, Nicole Nafziger flew out to see Azan Tefou after ages of only seeing each other through screens.


The 90 Day Fiance alum has been thoroughly documenting her trip, starting with her preparations and her flight out there.

Now that they're together, we of course have brand new pictures of them both — for the first time in years.

But there's a lot of very reasonable anxiety about the coronavirus right now. COVID-19 is a global pandemic.

Could Nicole end up getting stranded indefinitely in Morocco as this crisis worsens?

1. It’s happening!

This isn’t a throwback photo, folks. Nicole is in Morocco and she shared this new pic of the two of them together. But … there may be a downside to their happy reunion. Let’s start at the beginning.

2. She’s been building up hype!

Nicole nafziger ig tease upcoming trip 2020
For weeks before her trip, Nicole built up hype, teasing fans about her “upcoming trip.” For a while, some thought that she was headed on a day trip to Disney World with May. Nope — she was gearing up to see Azan.

3. She has her money, honey

Nicole nafziger morocco 2020 ig pre 01
Before announcing her intended destination, Nicole showed off her currency, which is really the next best thing.

4. She headed to the airport

Nicole nafziger morocco 2020 ig pre 02
This was early in the week, and look who accompanied her — that’s Bobbalee, her mom!

5. But she was just there for the car trip

Nicole nafziger morocco 2020 ig pre 03
Bobbalee wasn’t flying with Nicole, just saying goodbye to her daughter before her trip and, of course, driving the car back. The car can’t drive itself back home (yet — but self-driving cars will make airport pickups a lot easier in the future, right?).

6. Nicole decided to share everything

Nicole nafziger morocco 2020 ig pre 04
She has been very good about keeping followers up to date via social media, and she revealed that she would continue doing so from Morocco.

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