Miley Cyrus Throws Some Shade At Nicki Minaj


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  1. Smth that I learned in life and thats sadly true is : people of humble origin when they reach success become unbearably arrogant.
    I agree with Minaj statements, but the way she put it throught, doesnt even seem like a world problem but about herself only frustration and anger. She seem so disgustingly narcissistic.

  2. I don’t get why people are saying it’s shade what Miley said. Miley spoke her mind and her opinion. She didn’t throw shade at all. She just spoke her truth and shared her perspective of the situation, just like any other person (of any color) would have. What Nicki said was shade. She could have addressed the issue in a more mature, well-mannered way. But nope, she had to us Miley as an example. (Which she did but in a negative way). That’s why Miley said what she said.

  3. First off shade can not be thrown . It can be colored in on pieces of art . It can be a nice cool area to stand in at certain times of the day , depending on structure and geographic placement . But you simply cannot throw it at another individual as if it were a baseball or 3 deminsional object .
    I'm disappointed that grown adults are using a slang term created by a 12 year old . I'm sure this comment will cause sensitive internet trolls to "throw me shade," . But the term is simply ridiculous. What ever happened to just plain old ," he/she talked shit . And I'm gonna fuck you up ' "
    Lol throwing shade 😕 smh

  4. I totally agree with Miley, as she was just speaking her mind.. Grow the f*ck up Nicki.. For realz!!!! .. So sick of hearing most the black community bringing race into sh*t, but flipping out when white pplz do it.. Just cuz people don't get their way, no need to whine and play the race card.. Time to grow up and realize the whole world goes through rough times and sometimes unfair situations.. Not just you!!!! JFS


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