Master P, Romeo Argue on Video with 'Growing Up' Producers | TMZ





  1. and p said it right she dont need nobody right now that girl has to exhale breath leave her the hell alone thats why relationships dont work because people run from one to the other patience is a virtue you have to get over the last one which means clear your head and mind of him or her and get yourself right mourn or just do you find yourself come back strong you cant go into a relationship vulnerable with baggage you have to leave the baggage and go in fresh p know what hew saying

  2. Stop giving him and Romeo clout at the end of the day if you have not been watching the show WATCH IT before y’all watch this there is a reason why they doing all this shit for clout

  3. It's not about stereotyping black folks that's what sells we all know it and they get paid a pretty penny for it too,, but aside from that damn romeo just talk and have a conversation I mean you are part of the cast p needs to chill damn. ….change the game and a do a scene without yo damn shades on!


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