Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant Rammed By Ferrari, Husband Says It Happens | TMZ





  1. I bet it's rented by a lame poser like most of the fake asses in LA. FYI, all the lames in LA that push that lifestyle, are from somewhere else, Lower ohio, nebraska etc. . Locals don't buy into that BS.

  2. Why don't TMZ help me out instead? I'm a disabled combat veteran trying to start my first business and I've run out of money. It's so discouraging and depressing. I'm so close but it's still a million miles away. All I need is $9K and I can start Softwashing roofs and exteriors. All American Softwash LLC needs help TMZ. Please help me please. I'll pay you back in a year with interest I swear. God this is the worst. I've worked so hard and I can't get a loan

  3. I went to Pump 2 years ago with some family and friends and Lisa and her husband and some of their friends were sitting at the table behind us. She was very nice and checked in with us to get our opinion.

  4. The guy recording said farrary are build tuff, my ass that shit crashed in to glass and literally the hole bumper disappeared and was leaking all types of chemicals shit is cheaper materials than a Volkswagen hahahahhahahhhhhhh

  5. Rich white people with problems. 😀 Now there's a TV show. Might as well be. That's all the CW ever put out. Pretty white people that never run out of money, hardly work, and somehow have problems.

  6. Who cares about this crap? RICKY GERVAIS is a HERO. Finally, someone had the BALLS to tell the Hollywood elite just how much they SUCK. Because of people's weaknesses, thousands are unhappy, sick, suicidal, etc. for not looking or sounding or singing or acting like one of these pompous assholes. Ricky was amazing. And I don't even know who he is. I pretty much hate Hollywood anyway but, I wouldn't really know how to put it. He did it perfectly. I care about people. Hollywood cares about money and young boys.

  7. Typical European answer!! Accidents happen. 👍🏻. Now think to yourself what an American would have said?!! Everyone died we are suing the driver and we could never open again 🤣🤣🤣

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