LeBron James And Anthony Davis Bug Out After David Blaine’s Magic Card Trick | Sports



Los Angeles Lakers all-stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the latest victims of a David Blaine freaky magic trick which once again involved cards and a sleight of hand 

Appearing on the legendary magician’s The Magic Way special on ABC and joined by several of their fellow Laker teammates, James and Davis were left dumbfounded after what unfolded. For the trick, AD chose a card from Blaine’s deck and showed it to Bron and JaVale McGee.

Blaine then asked Davis to sign the card, which James and he proceeded to do once they walked out of the room.  

To make the trick even more believable, Blaine asked Davis and James to hold his wrists while he held the deck, which now included Davis’ signed card to prevent any speculation.

Blaine then asks a series of questions, which lead to only the suit of diamonds remaining in the deck. “You was holding his damn hands, bruh,” Davis said to James as they walked away stunned.

The Magic Way special was recorded prior to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and from the looks of it, took place before or after a game or practice.

Be amazed and watch how it all unfolded below.

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