Lauren Jauregui Felt FREEDOM Going Solo!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ #exclusive #laurenjauregui #Lento Lauren Jauregui’s NEW song & Video “Lento” dropped today! Clevver …




  1. Dinah Jane: So what are we gonna draw?
    Camila cabello: I want you to Drawwwww
    Dinah Jane: Be really simple
    Lauren Jauregui: Yeah like! Extremely ….
    Camila cabello: I want you to draw, what word FREEDOM means to you !!!!
    Normani: what the heck
    BAMMMM !!!! >.< camren

  2. 1 – she ignored the question about the released date
    2 – "I will never be married" like, ahamm
    3 – "The Coven" 😫 bae, we're always going to be "Jaguars". accept that, it will hurt less 😘

    4 – love you at all costs 🥰 #ForeverJaguar

  3. Aaaaa mi Laurennn 😍❤ ella es arte, perfecta, me siento orgullosa de lo que está consiguiendo, si saben español, por favor no olvidemos hacer mucho stream, ella merece ser bien reconocida.

  4. No hate, but camila is only famous because of Shawn like I didn't even I kny about her or 5h until she was rumored dating him and I think I'm not the only one, people knew her as "Shawn Mendes's gf" or "shawn Mendes's best friend" when she was in 5h and Shawn gave her first solo song and after that song she left of it wasn't for shawn she wouldn't leave 5h …

  5. I am ready to write off 2020 with all these bs things happening to the world then i remember Lauren fuckin' Jauregui is releasing her album and 2020 doesn't seem so bad after all


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