Kylie Jenner & Drake REPORTEDLY Seeing Each Other To Make Travis Scott Jealous!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Since her split from Travis Scott last month, we all know that Kylie Jenner has been living her best single …




  1. Why would Drake want Kylie when him and Rihanna are hanging out again?This storyline makes no sense at all. Rihanna went to two of Drake's parties to chill with him during that time and Rihanna was even seen wearing the same hoodie he worn at Draya's event while she was in London. Drake's team already came out and said that he has no romantic and never had romantic interest in Kylie. Kris Jenner just don't quit man…smh

  2. We all know that Rihanna was at Drake party and Kylie is not going to be at a party too long if Rihanna is there. She likes to be the center of attraction and doesn't want to share the spotlight. Kylie and her mother are starting rumors for attention. Drake might be going along with it because his dumb, always thirsty for attention, ass is always on the prowl. Narcissist always hang together

  3. That's stupid behavior and very childish, money and beauty are not everything, they come and go but true love conquers all, no need making Travis jealous, she can lose out if she's not careful, if they truly love each other, they should valve and respect the love they share and remain together

  4. Kylie is an A list groupie now. Didn’t drake fuq kim back in the days. If I was a billionaire, I would request men from overseas. Why Hollywood ppl date in such close circle ⭕️ this is nasty to me, Tyga seep with her, Travis and now drake. Kylie is a trash bag lol cum dump.

  5. Hoely stole jb from our selena n they made the most bomb music ever bc it was true love now their relationship just bc they married it don’t confirm love it’s that hoe fake wannabe love lmao. We don’t need this now bc we need drake and travis good music man they.can’t b ruining music like this man.

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