Kourtney & Kim Kardashian Exchange Blows while Khloe sits and gaslights!





  1. Im not that shocked no family on tv that close after many years on a tv show with the spotlight on them 24/7. Kourtney told them she doesn't want to share her life 24 hours of the day but they want her to share her life for ratings either people wont watch their fake show. I bet off the show Kourtney may find lasting love and settle down. I fo believe Kourtney wil miss the money being on the show brings wush may bring her back

  2. It would’ve been funny if they pulled the plug on the kardashians show unexpectedly & I don’t understand why they keep renewing the show & the people keep watching the show despite very low ratings since the show first started 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Kourtney added enough drama to the show with her and Scott's relationship over the years. If she wants to step away now, I totally support that. Shit gets old and she's clearly tired. And I agree about Khloe. She used to be my favorite. But after she got her body done she became this person that I just can't rock with.

  4. 5:46 Khloe looks ruffff. She used to seem like the most normal out of the bunch. It's strange to see how this family changed over the years. All that money and comfort and this is what they contribute to the world.

  5. No one can deny the WERK Kourtenay has put in. If she wants to leave though she should just leave, she's got enough money and business to keep her in life she wants for her kids and she'd gain back some privacy (hopefully) I'm just not with the half in half out shit either get back in or get the fuck out but decide and stop bitching about it. Life is too short and it's typically much harder for normal folk than deciding whether to retire at 40.


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