Keyshia Cole & Frankie Have A Deep Convo About Death & Their Relationship | Keyshia Cole My New Life





  1. See Keyshia she has always been solid from day one most kids mad at their parents that were on drugs and abandoned them and gave them up and put them in the system would be so angry and so rebellious but nope not Keyshia because Keyshia let's face it would not be here if it wasn't for Frankie and for that she loves her mom because at the end of the day Frankie will forever and even in the afterlife be Keyshia's mom and she still respects her as her mom and I love Keyshia for that and it's been many years that Frankie has been battling her addiction and Keyshia is still by her side trying to help her when most people will just give up so again hats off to Keyshia

  2. I love Keyshia Cole. I love her demeanor. I like how she keeps it real. I like how she doesn't get side tracked while talking to her mom. She's like mom I hear you but I need you to get it together. I still need my mother.

  3. I went through & still dealing with a mother just like Frankie & only a person that has a mother like this could understand it’s like the kid is emotionally addicted going through the ups & downs with a mother that’s struggling with addiction me & brothers have & still goes through it with our mom we love her but it’s been a roller coaster just like Keisha, she’s strong ❤️

  4. Frankie has been through it & I believe it’s deeper than anyone knows. I don’t feel that she feels embraced & accepted as she is. It feels like she’s always on the fringe on the outside looking in on love, but not getting the type that nourishes your heart, soul & spirit.

    I like Frankie & I hope she will pull through & stay on track, but also I hope that she has the opportunity to just live without guilt eating her up, without her past always being pulled into the presence & without having to watch her step & suck up the pain, just to fit in.

  5. It's sad that jail is the only time some people are sober. The streets are a demon but a familiar one. People go back because it's all they've known. They're too comfortable there to stay away.


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