Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are PREGNANT!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ The Jonas Brothers are all about Happiness Begins… but the happiness TRULY began today when it …




  1. If Sophie really is pregnant, it's disgusting that it was leaked by someone who felt entitled to share news which isn't theirs to and the media making sure it makes the rounds!!? If it's true, people have taken the special announcement moment away from them ?

  2. Personally , I think Sophie NOT Joe is pregnant because a while back a magazine said that Nick and Priyanka were getting a divorce which was false and they got sued so them keeping quiet could be silent confirmation

  3. I don't believe she is if she is as they 4 no along she has not spread out at all.she is all baby then if she is,ifread somewhere they were thrilled if are great but if not……. Will believe if brothers reveal its true Joe does or Sophie otherwise will doubt till see it after born.

  4. Don't get too excited because a rumour is just a rumour and it would be great if the rumours were true but if not we'll I guess it would be disappointing. Let me just put myself in Sophia's shoes imagine she is not pregnant it would be embarrassing.


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