Jillian Michael's Calls Lizzo FAT AND UNHEALTHY! Is She Right or Fat Shaming?





  1. Would they be quiet if someone was doing cocaine on their real estate channel. Like "here is a beautiful 3 bedroom (excuse me *sniffs cocaine*) woah! Ok! Now we are ready"

    And when people say something play victim.

    "I was just minding my business showing homes, what's the problem?"

  2. First this cosplay is spot on. Second body fat has its own biochemistry and people need to stop pretending otherwise. Seriously. Quit it. Also I picture that Yoshi would wear a red satin cape really well as a side kick for this one.

  3. I feel like the interviewer was provoking Jillian into making those comments, like talk to a fitness and nutrition expert who’s entire career is about weightloss and that’s what she’s going to talk about when you bring up someone like lizzo

  4. I fail to understand how just living your life is glorifying/glamorizing obesity. Is it a crime for lizzo to love herself? To feel good about herself? Should she issue a disclaimer everytime she appears at a performance. I think Jillian is entitled to her opinion but at the same time why not just leave people alone. The thing is if she gets diabetes she will still be awesome. Her body will still be awesome. Her getting diabetes doesn’t affect me at all only her. And she may get diabetes and still love her body. I’m not even fat and I can see that. People know the risks of obesity! Like do people not realize that everyone knows. I think everyone should just mind their own business

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  6. Yes but it’s irritating as hell to hear unsolicited advice even though it’s true. It is annoying to hear a broken record over and over. We know. I’m pretty sure Lizzo knows she obese. It’s not like Lizzo being obese is a secret to anyone. Lizzo has never claimed to be healthy, just crazy confident that she doesn’t care what anyone says. That’s actually pretty admirable- her confidence. And it’s hard for a lot of us to have even if we lose weight, are the best at everything, and have the best of everything to have that. I think the host of the show was just expressing her admiration for Lizzo- nothing more and nothing less. Then Jillian takes what the host says and makes everyone flip out from delusional fat positivity people to the dude who cleans streets who likes to give fatties health advice by telling them to eat an apple or starve. Lizzo has nothing to do with it other than being the topic of conversation. And quite frankly, Jillian Michaels is the last person I’d want to hear any sort of health advice from after her reckless coaching on The Biggest Loser. This is stupid.

  7. please Pleeaaassseee PLEASE check out the Slaton Sisters. They are Tammy and Amy. They each have YouTube channels and now have a new TV show called “The 1000 Pound Sisters.” One is 400 and the other is 600.

  8. Yall hater because chunky leezo is a happy fat hoe!
    Leave lezoo alone!

    She has the advantage when came to car crash because her front bumper will bounce her to da savety.
    Not to mention her man will be happy because he will have natural cushion fo free.

    Im sad hearin lezoo leaving twitter cus fatphobia, i hope her fatass can fit on twitter one day.

  9. Jillian used to be Obese. She has said it in so many interviews. She's also talked about the contestants losing weight quick wasn't realistic and safe, but she said that there is nothing for them to do but workout, so they lose. Its not like she's talking out her 🍑.
    She didn't say anything wrong.

  10. People keep throwing around the fact she can shake and bake on stage while singing her full set don't seem that she was a band nerd when she was in school. And that fact in and out of its self makes this as a point null and void.
    For those whom might not understand why, allow me to explain. See lizzo plays the flute, and has mentioned playing the flute since she was a kid in band class. Now, for my folks out there who've never played a wind instrument just know, it ain't no easy task. It ain't like playing the kazoo where you just hum while blowing and before you know what you're making music. Oh no. You need to gain full control of your breath, ad well as build up stamina with it. If your playing in front of actual people, it's probably for the best they don't hear you trying to gasp for air between notes or interrupting the song cause you to to pause for air.
    Her ability to shake and bake, throw her Thang down, flip it and reverse it is a direct result of all the year of her work at just that. If it's not the only reason she's able to, it's damn sure the main reason.

  11. Jillian didn't say anything negative. She just spoke the truth. I do agree with you that The Biggest Loser show was so unhealthy plus they got in trouble for having ringers so it something people can't do lose like 21 lbs in a week without losing a limb. Great cosplay.

  12. Self acceptance is good, but ALSA self-acceptance means accepting if you need to change things that are bad about yourself. Getting healthy is a good for everyone, the too skinny people that need to put on weight and the fat people that need to lose weight. People don't want to accept they should be a balance.

  13. OMG you got me laughing to tears.

    “Yes farting, even in the underworld.”

    I always wondered why Yoshi pooted. Now it will forever make me laugh. My min pin is an excessive poorer too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hence his nickname, “pooter, and or pooter butt.”

  14. I see what Jillian was saying but 1) I agree, she really isn’t the person to speak on this and 2) I think she missed the point. I did a lot of digging into Lizzo for an article I needed to write and she is actually really trying to get her health together. She says she’s not perfect but it’s clear she’s trying to be healthy. I think it’s good for people to see someone relatable like that. Someone who isn’t “perfectly” healthy but still shaking it like no one’s business and feeling hot doing it is pretty inspiring.

  15. Never been so happy to have a million fire speckles in my eyes!! bowing down 😂😂
    Loved this cosplay girl. And I don’t care for JM much, never have, but she’s known for being harsh? The fat acceptance community needs to calm the EFF down.. people would be so sad to hear that she lost her limbs or died from TYPE 2 diabetes… I very preventable disease. 😑🤦🏻‍♀️ ridiculous muggles…

  16. I hate how unhealthy the body positivity group has become. I like how lizzo is helping little girls and women be able to see her and see they can be like her, but she should also promote a healthy lifestyle or say “hey I love myself for who I am but I’m not perfect and I’m not living the best life I could be.” Like it’s okay to be overweight but it’s not okay to lie and say that it’s healthy for you to be that way.

  17. I understand that Lizzo is overweight but Jillian had no right to call her out like that. If Lizzo is happy that’s all that matters. She clearly knows that she’s overweight but she’s happy and she’s enjoying herself. She can do what she wants. It’s her life. Ps I’m not trying to be mean :)🤍

  18. Jillian Michaels has a degree in business not health and wellness. She exploits people for entertainment. The fact is that many of the biggest loser competitors gained all the weight back and caused catastrophic physiological consequences. Listening to Jillian is like listening to McDonald’s about healthy nutrition.


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