Jeffree Star TAKES BACK Nate's car after breakup… (plus tana being tana)





  1. tana: “i was never discrediting asthma” also tana: “i’m not fucking coming back in two weeks because what? i have ASTHMA!! i may aswell have gotten a clean bill of health”

  2. No idea where you got that the title of that video had been changed, because I just went to look, and it’s not what you have advertised during hour video whatsoever

  3. Nate also probably couldn't even begin to pay for the insurance on his own either everyone always forgets that nice cats have higher insurance just cause you're gifted the car doesn't mean you can afford to keep it.

  4. Tbf Nate probably couldn't afford to run the car now anyway and I'm pretty sure Nate did something shitty for them to split up. I'm more annoyed the video was faked..but I'm not sure it was. Sounds like Jeffree's saving face.

  5. did jeffree take back the car or was the car never actually given to nate??? that’s what he made it seem like but these comments are saying something different so now i’m confused

  6. tana: I'm not a shit person.
    Ummmm then what was tanacon???? And jeffree bought the car so its technically his I'm sure nate felt it was right for jeffree to do whatever with it.

  7. My reaction “lol what credibility” my guy she was never well liked to begin with she screwes people over she doesn’t have credibility thats why mtv is doing this lol if she wasn’t credibility she needs to stop screwing people over and being entitled


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