jeffree star & james charles FRIENDS again





  1. I am not surprised honestly…Jeffree has grown so much as a person, I'm sure he's over the petty crap, and there's too much craziness going on to hold onto grudges. Hello growth, how are ya? 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Life's to short for all the bs…

  2. Do a video about the drama on tiktok about clappdaddy and infernumasylum drama how they were really inappropriate with minors .
    I'm going to be so mad if they get away with all they have done

  3. I hope both of them are on good terms with Tati too. They dont have to be friends with each other but it would be nice if they were cool and no more drama would happen.

  4. Think Jeffrey is just appreciating his work. Doesn't have to like him personally to do that. Hell I'm struggling with the same thing but I ever catch the girl trying me outside if work, best believe I'd whoop her ass!!

  5. That was amazing of Jeffree. I’m a disabled mum of 2 who hasn’t been able to work for a long time due to pain. My husband can’t work at the moment due to depression, I have an immunosuppressed kid so am stressed to the limit right now. The fact that he is helping some people in rough positions just warms my heart.

  6. Why am I not surprised that Jeffree gave money out?! I dont love everything hes done in the past, but theres never been any question that he loves to share the wealth and has never been greedy. I've been a stay at home mom for years, and my husband is out of work bc hes a server. My 2 kids are obviously home from school, and we have no idea what we are going to do. We had no idea that last friday would be his last paycheck and we live check to check, so we paid bills and it was gone. I did go to the grocery but they were out of most stuff I needed, and what I did get is about gone now that it's been a week! I know those people appreciated that money so much right now. That was such an amazing thing he did!

  7. Y’all are dumb if y’all really think this is a “kind gesture “ Jeffree star literally tried to defame James Charles using false accusations and then claiming he had receipts when he really didn’t he just talked out of his ass he didn’t want to move on he just lied ! And not only that he said awful lies about James and the Dolan twins and he tried to put himself in the James and Tati drama to better himself he is like 30 something in a teens business

  8. I’m waiting for them alllll to reunite. Manny Laura Jeffree James. They don’t have to be friends. I just want them to stop with hate and avoidance. And just all thrive together.

  9. The problem I have is, how can he control if the people who tweet him are really in need? There are so much fraudsters on this earth. I give my money to big fundraising companies like the Red Cross, they know how to help. I have no idea if people are honest or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. That video that James released with that girl hit 10 million views. She obviously is getting lots of attention. This is typical Jeffree rubbing up to people just to market themselves to their audience, only to throw them under the boss later. Hopefully they keep their distance from Jeffree.

  11. I wish Jeffree would be friends with Manny again or at least in good terms with him, like (I guess) Jeffree is trying with James? I don't know, I kinda missed their friendship and I seen Manny grow into a better person as well. James had it rough, so if Jeffree is willing to let that beef go, why not with Manny? I know… It's just a dream.

  12. If I was James I couldn't forgive, I'm not a fan of James at all. I love Jeffrey but somethings can never be taken back. Tati is shady, I quit being a fan as soon as Jeffrey had her back and it seemed like she shaded him🤷

  13. It was incredibly generous that he was sending cash to people in need. Would love to see him donate to food banks as I am sure they will be seeing a lot more families in need in the coming weeks, if not longer


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