jeffree star has A LOT of people upset





  1. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your sister and your dog 😕. As for Jeffree’s makeup palette, people need to lighten up. Sadly yes people die, death is a part of life, people die every single day. Most of the people who are affected by this virus are elderly, the MSM don’t tell you that less than 1% of the US population may die from this virus and the recovery rate is 99%. So yes people will die from this virus sadly, but we cannot stop living life because of this virus, and Jeffree star shouldn’t have to apologize for releasing his make up palette. People are way too over sensitive today, enough with the drama!

  2. Hugs darlin…so sorry for your losses …I lost my father the beginning of March it’s so hard to lose someone….also a fur baby is so hard as well ..take care of yourself

  3. My heart goes out to you and your family. May your sister and dog Rest In Peace and please take care of yourself and your family. You are so loved and so appreciated. Sending my positive vibes 💕

  4. dustin, please take all the time you need to recoup and become you again. make vids for sponsor sake if needed but you need to focus on your feelings

  5. I and most people are so far past drama/outrage fatigue with the entire pandemic situation followed by an army of Karens screeching like a flock of seagulls about wearing masks and everything has to stay closed, a new makeup that has names you don't like is not a problem anyone cares about Karens. Get over yourselves.
    I guess I should be happy for all the people that have time to be upset or outraged over this new makeup, it means you have so few REAL things going wrong in your life you need to seek out something to complain about. I envy anyone with such a perfect life lol.

  6. It hurts my heart so much hearing the heart ache in your voice. Don’t ever apologise for hurting or grieving! All of your supports will stand by you if you need to take time for yourself and healing. Sending you love and light xx

  7. Dustin, take care of YOU and YOURS! I'm so sorry for your loss, the drama will always be around to report on! I love your take on things over others but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take care. Remember to breathe. <3


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