Jacob Elordi Suffered CONCUSSION In Finale Of 'Euphoria'


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Watching some of the darker parts of Euphoria physically pained me, but it pained one of the cast …




  1. The scene was really fucking scary to watch because I have witnessed shit like that, watching it I just shut down, went numb and started crying because it reminded of the life with my dad and brother I left behind me. I had to pause it and run to my mom just to cry on her lap because it hit something in me no other movie or show has ever done

  2. I don’t know if it was just me but for that brief moment he began crying and then started banging his head on the floor as he was fighting his dad I felt so fucking bad for him despite him being psychotic and abusive. I think when the actor/actress has the ability to do that with they’re character, you know they’re performance was good. Also, I have a theory that as Nate was looking in the mirror during the fight scene, he was imagining everything he’d seen his father do on those CD’s, he was so scared of him that that’s all he’d seen of him, just this man who hooks up with transgender people. Which might’ve been why he broke down and fought him so much to get off. Idk just a theory lol.

  3. Dude deserves to get a tv version of a Oscar for that scene. I was watching it and the first thing I thought was “wow man” and like I was kinda shaking just watching that crazy ass moment, and just as he’s smashing his head on the ground and I was like “he probably got super hurt doing that” turns out instead of him smashing his head he got hurt from a punch ?? go figure


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