Get To Know Keyshia Cole's Boyfriend & Hip-Hop Artist, Niko Khale | Keyshia Cole: My New Life





  1. He may be young but he has more maturity than the ppl in the comment section….I like how he has a support system he's man enough to reach out and ask questions to grow more that's manning up & being a man

  2. All of the fools commenting are impressed with someone teaching somebody to use Epic? I can't. You can have a GED or HS diploma and teach someone to use this simple software. But at the medical I institutions I worked at MDa would have never allowed cornrow dude with his accent to teach the class, but usually it's the support staff/scribes using Epic. I'm glad to see that biases arent effecting his career.

  3. His mother can't be happy with Keisha He doesn't at all seem compatible with a older much more experienced Keisha But now he shares a child with her He looks like a intelligent kid with a bright future Who at 23 Haven't done much living Can be easily manipulated by a older rachet female


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