Flavor Flav Says Chuck D Had No Right to Fire Him from Public Enemy | TMZ





  1. Flavor Flav has matured while Chick D (misspelled on purpose) comes off as bitter and chasing a check everything public enemy is against.. and when has public enemy EVER endorsed a political candidate?!?

  2. Just like with "Salt & Pepa" another classic group. How the hell they gon' rock shows & go on without Spinderella ??? The fuck is wrong with these old school muthafuckaz. They gon' wait til' late in their careers 2 start trippin' ???? What about the die hard fans !?!? (Smh) *

  3. Why is chuck d supporting a communist when he raps about fight the power? Chuck d supports total government control and police control over everyday activities. He's a hypocritical far left puppet. At least flavor flav tells it like it is and stands by his opinions not selling out to communist for money.

  4. I hope Chuck D. and Flavor Flav work it out squash their beef cause Public Enemy is one of the pioneers of Hip Hop next to Run-Dmc, L.L. Cool J., Eric B. and Rakim I want Public Enemy to stay together for many many years they still have old school hip hop stars still throwing throw back concerts I like to go a old school concert 1 day I'm still listening to old school rap I remember when Public Enemy did a rap tour with NWA, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince


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