Fat Reality Show Star Becomes Personal Trainer! (My Big Fat Fabulous Life)





  1. I'm a little hurt cause someone in my Sunday school class and my Small group from church told me yesterday that my chemical imbalances in my brain (my ADHD, my anxiety and my PTSD) are just the devil using me telling me that I'm not praying enough even though I do pray and give God my anxieties but it's a chemical imbalance I can't help it if I have a bad day

  2. I have seen overweight trainers and gymnasts coaches. No, true story.

    Do I find it odd? Yes, very. Because if you're a trainer or a gymnast coach your body should fit the job. People come to you to get in shape. When your body doesn't fit it's hypocritical and you can't trust if they know how to do their job.

  3. How do you plan around cravings? Like I plan healthy snacks but a craving will hit me and my ED will drive me crazy until I eat it. Like I hate myself if I don’t eat it but i hate myself once I do eat it.

  4. She really needs to stop doing very inappropriate touching hugging kissing to Buddy . Such mixed messages ! That bedroom scene with her "fiance" right downstairs is such a teenage teaser whorey move . She totaling enjoys both or all three guys getting h.o.s for her attention AND her money and status while thinking it's because she's so cute sexy & adorable when it's all about the benjamin's ?????AND telling her friend to NOT date her business partner . What a biouchhh !

  5. I, myself, am an obese personal trainer. I have a medical condition that makes it hard for me to lose weight, but I can run a mile in less time than someone who doesn't have as much fat as me. I have lost 40lbs in the lastb9 months because I FINALLY figured out by trial and error the foods I can and can't eat.

    I do have a hard time getting clients because I am fat. I get it. But the clients I do get stick around and have done awesome! It is something that triggers me just because I love to help and see people get healthy yet I'm obese according to the BMI. But hey, we are all welcomed to our own opinions and I'm here for it??‍♀️??‍♀️

  6. She should drop the weight or at least get to a healthy weight and then become a personal trainer . That would be more admirable and people would actually want to be her client.

  7. When I first joined the military, I ended up injuring both my feet simultaneously. Just 3 weeks away from basic training graduation. I was put on a profile to where I couldnt run. And we needed to pass all 3 tests in our physical training tests to graduate. I had push ups and sit ups down. But I joined doing a 23 min 2 mile run. I had to get that down to under 19 min. And just before I got injured I was still too slow. I was 2 weeks unable to run with my profile. And I was to sit out during training. But I got up, and I did lunges and squats for nearly an hour each day while on profile to strengthen my legs in an attempt to help me run when I got off my profile.

    I passed my test with an 1830 and graduated, and moved on. And a month later I was at 1730.

    You can be injured, but you modify your workout to what you are able to do.

    There are times where illness and sicknesses have you unable to workout at all. I know I was given a dead man's profile (meaning you arent allowed to do anything) for an entire month when I was sick with mono. (And for good reason, your spleen is super sensitive and can burst and you can bleed internally and die.) Same with my thyroid surgery, I was bedridden for 2 weeks, then when I got back to work I was limited for about another month. But I still did what I could do.

    Her back could have been injured, but she could have called him and asked for a modified workout if she was unsure what she could do. And like he said, it had nothing to do with her diet.

  8. I Love You!!! Also I Felt All the same ways watching her episode tonight!! This video embodies everything I’m dealing with when it comes to friends who are lazy and I’m in the middle of getting back in shape! Keep making great content!! I can’t wait for Tania next ??

  9. Watching her in this video really puts my own situation into perspective. Despite how far I've gotten from where I started, I'm very critical of myself if I miss a single gym session. I started going to the gym regularly as a 2019 New Year's resolution and actually stuck to it. However, over the summer I got a new job and started grad school, so gym sessions have to be fit in randomly… This reminds me to give myself some credit for keeping up and staying motivated. Thank you for an informative video as always!

  10. To be honest. If someone can't better themselves how can I expect them to help me better myself? Granted if she loses the weight and proves she can do what she needs to then I have no gripes.

  11. As a fellow fat girl, I am not taking any fitness advice from somebody having the same health issues that I do, who's also morbidly obese. Who also makes excuses and eats the way that I do. Only difference between me and her is she has a TV show and some social media clout.

    Maybe if she gets on Erica Lugo's level and actually do something and stop with the bullshit, she may have a chance. Otherwise this sounds like a failed storyline bound to happen.

  12. As an LA Fitness Training Director… Yes, we do take just about anybody. I’ve met A LOT of shitty trainers here but also quite a few great ones! However, Michelle is right! There are so many things that go into making a great personal trainer. I sure hope Whitney is doing this for the right reasons. For HER own health. That should be number one!! But some people might throw some HAES arguments at us. Looks are great but health/longevity are the number one priority!

  13. It's not even because she is overweight, her attitude is just awful, she really doesn't want to lose weight (i feel like she does this for attention), she just seems so immature. I really doubt she will ever become healthy :/

  14. I mean, maybe she'll motivate some people not to turn out like her. I know if she was in front of me at the gym, I'd push myself to do anything and everything. I'd do 1000 burpees if she asked me followed by 1000 lunges just voluntarily ?

  15. “oh my back is hurting, so I can’t exercise”
    Bitch, that’s bullshit?
    You SHOULD exercise if you have osteopathic problems. Of course you won’t be able to do lots of heavy lifting or running, but that’s not an excuse to do nothing.
    I have scoliosis, osteoporosis, etc. My back is a hot mess. But if I was so morbidly obese and lazy, I would probably be already dead or paraplegic.


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