EXPOSED- Slim Arms in 30 Days! NO EQUIPMENT, NO WEIGHTS, 8 minute Workout!





  1. Everything that Michelle is saying about the exercises in this video is absolutely true. There’s one thing that I would like to add (my apologies if this was mentioned in the video and I missed it).

    Having been a person who has yo-yo dieting, combined with age I can tell you that sometimes fat loss can actually make the problem of flabby arms even worse. The fat comes out… And if you do not replace it with muscle… The skin is just going to hang there and there is absolutely nothing you can do short of surgery to get rid of it.

  2. I'm DEAD! SO called out, I totally did the cute petit lady swinging her arms around workout yesterday! :'-D I'm so pleased to be called out. I admit i felt like "Yeah! That seemed like NOTHIN'! I can do this!"
    I love your channel, you make me roar with laughter… Keep on keepin on!

  3. Well, while I agree with your points, for propriety's sake I will argue that if you do not move, like at all, that video could be a great way to start (personal experience) and Far-Eastern aesthetics differ from most western ones. Will not get definition from them tho, but after extended periods of stationary lifestyle one could potentially have changes, especially when starting from a heavier weight.

  4. I'm going to speculate that she's nothing more than a model. That's not her content. It takes mad YouTube skills to get 16M views! (You know that, Michelle!) I'm going to bet that's not even her voice or her kid in the photo. That gives me a bullshittery vibe from the whole thing. Clickbait? Cute already thin Japanese girl? 16M views? I call foul!

  5. can you please talk about those vibrating exercise tools like “powerfit elite” my mom always tries to buy them and she keeps falling for the infomercial ads

  6. Classic teen titans….sorry new is just to much(even tho have cute songs). Fav hero…..anime heros count right??? If so Todoroki from My hero Acadamia….but i like my villans alot better

  7. Okay ima answer the question you asked lol

    My favorite superhero is spiderman (but if magical girls are included then it's Madoka Kaname)
    I prefer TT go just because I like the cute animation ^.^

  8. My arms used to look like that video's "after" picture, and I worked hard to gain muscle and now look more like the video's "before" picture (edit: albeit with more muscle definition) . Why would I want to go backwards on my progress..

  9. Love today's cosplay! I used to be a huge Marvel fan, but now I've been binge-reading tons of works focusing on the bat fam and I absolutely love Nightwing!

  10. This industry is no more worst than any other fad diet out there. I was once 12% fat and I was eating horribly low carbs and calories. It was not sustainable by any means. Gene's has a lot to play in this folks. I have friends who eats and drink alcohol like crazy and has an athletic body but some of us are just not born with those genetics. Please keep that in mind!!!!

  11. Favorite superhero: Captain Marvel – She’s a bada$$ and I LOVE Marvel. And original Teen Titans 100%. The new one is weird and just not as good. Nothing can beat the cartoons from 90s to early 2000s.

  12. Hey Michelle could you do a video on fasting the benefits and negative effects on the body. I'm a recoved bulimic (5 years) but iv noticed old habits resurface since iv been in isolation. And I had a 'bad binge' over the weekend and I'm trying to find ways to correct the damage iv caused by over eating. 😅 help


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