Ex-112 Singer Quinnes 'Q' Parker Sides with Mase in Diddy Feud | TMZ





  1. From Clive Owen to Jerry Heller to Eazy-E on up to Puff Daddy. It seems that the people that are the most successful are the ones that know that if I signed you, your publishing is where I make my money and it happens to everyone, so without an entertainment lawyer or someone to fight for you like Master P or Dame Dash in the beginning. You are and will be a victim used for your talent and stuck touring the rest of your life.
    Black people we need our own, bottom line….

  2. He is correct. P. Diddy can't accuse the academy of doing something he is not willing to do. Nor can P. Diddy accuse the academy of taking advantage of black artist when he used their playbook to accomplish his great wealth. The message was correct, the messenger is a hypocrite.

  3. I agree Puffy should not have made that speech at the Grammys unless he was gonna renegotiate for his former artist. What he did was legally right, but morally it was F'd up.


  4. You signed a standard contract and now you want him to amend the contract because the contract doesn’t benefit you now. The value of the catalog grew and you expect him to hand you over a portion of your publishing that you will get back in X years anyhow. When the CEO is too emotional you want him to be about business and then when the CEO is too into business you want him to be emotional. Pick a side. I don’t see any artists going after any other CEO from that era that doesn’t look like me. I’m sure Clive Davis had similar deals with artists in place and there were no issues presented in the media

  5. Smh celebrity and publisity are so vague and public it’s har DTA keep anything silent and private. But it shouldn’t matter about others unless it’s those who are facing something. And it’s true being in young minds of becoming famous was a thresh hood and we grow and learn from the mistakes but it’s not right to backfire because b people so whatever they case is I still love the back y bands


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