Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz Rip Media for Coronavirus Panic, Urge Common Sense





  1. Dr Drew, with your fine ass, I will NOT listen to the CDC who tells us not to take Vitamin C and other measures to stay healthy. Neither will I take that flu shot! But I still like you!

  2. Cool history. Adolf Hitlers signature mustache was hated by Hitler. He preferred a full mustache which was common. The Hitler mustache exists because gas masks wouldn't fit properly without this modification.

  3. We get this shit every year. Sars, H1n1, bird flu, Corona. Come to think of it people really need to start worrying when kuru starts to make rounds. That means people are actually eating other people's brains. True story! Get fucking real people. Duh huh!

  4. This is dangerous Dr. Drew. Please stop comparing it to the flu. The flu doesn’t have the 9 day incubation period while remaining undetected and infectious. The Corona beats the flu by a whooping 6 days. This thing is something else.

  5. The covid 19 is 10 times more deadly than the flu Dr Drew. People are just trying to prepare for when it comes to their area. The cdc should have been prepared for this long before now. If trump hadn't fired everybody they would have been more prepared.

  6. The media is setting up a panic because they hate President Trump and want to make it look like the President is failing. They don't care if they pass on erroneous information or regurgitate panic and fear, it serves them well. It's as simple as that.

  7. What do these people think is gonna happen if they get it? At best you won’t even realize you’re sick. Most just have a mild cold. For some it’s like the flu. Just like the flu, You only need to worry if you are elderly and/or have an underlying health issue. This panic is stupid.

  8. It’s not going away. Now it’s part of the vast number of sicknesses people catch regularly. It’s no more serious than the flu or a common cold. Just like the flu it’s Only dangerous if you are elderly or have underlying health issues. Unlike the flu kids aren’t getting it. That’s a good thing.

  9. The media the prepers loading up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer are making things worse all it takes it for a group of people to see one person buying bulk of items and then they all panic and fear for the worse and the people them selves are making it much worse on themselves and everyone around them


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