Dove Cameron Claims Ex-Boyfriend Ryan McCartan Was "Terrible" To Her & He Fires Back With Response


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  1. Y’all seriously out here saying Dove is the one at fault here. Ryan once compared her to cereal box, saying that she was dumb. He was super obsessive and wouldn’t let her do anything. She wasn’t allowed to go out on her own. Ryan always had to be with her. He was rude and Dove didn’t need his toxicity in her life. I’m glad she found Thomas who treats her way better than Ryan.

  2. Man that black and white photo of them looks like the poster for a movie with an abusive husband and trapped wife… creepy 😱😱😱 he looks like he wants to steal her soul/life and she looks ignorantly 😍

  3. You guys don’t know a thing about abusive relationships and how they can really isolate and mess up someone’s mind especially is the midst of it, do you?? Stop asking stupid questions like “why did she get engaged to him if she NOW thinks he was terrible to her??” . That’s an easy one: people in abusive relationships rarely realize they are in one until they take a step back. Abusive partners are super manipulative and most of the time, getting out of an abusive relationship is the only key to notice how abusive it was.
    I’m not saying Ryan was abusive, no one knows what happens behind closed doors, but “she was engaged to him” proves nothing.

  4. Sometimes it really hard to breakup with someone you love even though he was terrible to her she still loved him and it was hard for until she realized that she didn’t love he was just manipulating her so for all the people hating on her cuz you think she’s lying about it. Most of you guys never thought you loved someone who was terrible to you but they were just manipulating you so just chill.

  5. y'all need to stop making hate comments to Dove,we don't know the full story, what really happened , so it's not right to say," oh Ryan would never do something like that" or " Then why did she accept his marriage proposal?". I'm not saying Dove was right for what she did but do we even know the truth. I mean couples might look perfect when around fans etc but you don't know what is happening behind close doors. I think that maybe she accepted his proposal because she thought he would change but I don't know the truth so I'm just going to relax and watch these Celebrities continue to talk about their lifestyle and shrug my shoulders because unless I'm there to see with my own two eyes and there is proof I can't say this is true and this is not true.


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