Did Sofia Richie DUMP Scott Disick?!?


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  1. Sofie ang Ganda mo at bata pa marami ka pang makita mahigit Kay Scoth gurang na iyan may mga anak na humanap ng iba ang daming may gusto mga gwapo pa kasing edad mo iwanan Muna iyan gurang na iyan

  2. Honestly he should
    Leave that baby girl alone, he’s too old, got a whole family and he’s all fucked up. She deserves to live a full life with a likeminded young man and he should go the fuck home to his kids lol 😝

  3. Y’all need to chilllll. I highly doubt Sofia is already with another dude. She is a mature young girl and has Scott’s best interest at heart. She’s young. That’s A LOT to have to deal with

  4. This never gonna work he had problems with courtney over this as well. Sophie just to young and naive to be tied to a grown ass man kid with kids who refuses to fix himself but he had problems before his parents died yeh its sad that does not help. Courtney the one that probably only get threw to him and maybe Kris, Sophia better off finding one who does not have drug isues.

  5. Not gonna lie, I low key wish him and kourtney would get back together because they have multiple children and him step up this time and be the man her and her kids always needed.

  6. I feel so bad for her she was too blind … Everyone told her & even he wanted to get with Kourtney always behind her. He will always love Kourtney and still dreams to live with her that's why he had a break down. Sophia has waisted her time 😕 Scott litterly liked a kiss photo from him and kourntey

  7. For all the kourtney crazy people fuck you guys that woman has issues don’t bring Sofia down because she’s young and beautiful 🙂 but yes my girl Sofia deserves someone better away from that crazy psycho money hungry family.

  8. What the actual f*ck is wrong with people?!?! Invading a persons privacy is obviously wrong. Deciding that it's a good idea to do this to someone who's struggling just to breathe is unfathomable. Serious lack of empathy, compassion & respect 😔

  9. She looks like his little girl. Odd match if you ask me. Lional (her dad) must have a really hard time dealing with this mess. Give that baby back to her rightful dad and go home to your WIFE AND CHILDREN! I like you with Kourtney, I thought you made a great couple and your kids are so cute too! Go home Scott!! Go home.


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