Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Are STRONGER Than Ever!


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  1. This is one of the strangest videos ever. Like the most pointless subject for a video. It’s literally two grown adults having a bite to eat, or whatever it was that they were doing. Imagine not being able to eat with your friend without millions of people tuning in and speculating about your friendships and love lives and calling you a cheater. It’s ridiculous. I don’t meant to spread any hate Clevver News.

  2. wait so if lili posted a picture of her (Betty Cooper) and cole (jughead jones) on the set of river dale, then jughead didn’t die? bc i’m kinda freaking the freak out over the last episode!?

  3. Cole and Lili NEVER broke up in the summer so no need to say that… also they did spend New Years together on a private resort. They aren't obligated to always be posting about their trips or about each other. I say we just let them be and stop spreading rumors. Period.

  4. I hate that people think just because Cole is hanging out with a girl doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on Lili. Same with Lili aswell just because she’s hanging out with a guy doesn’t mean that she’s cheating on Cole.

    Ps. I just want Cole and Lili to get married already 😂🥺❤️🌍

  5. Una adivinanza tono sanmartín aunque sea para nada hola mira el una palabra dice para siempre para nota imaginación para que no gastaras y ni chapando con la mía la novia de con la novia o sea con la mía loco alta con un Gran no la otra persona y esa persona esotéricamente la vida

  6. You're not better then trolls that abuse Cole and lili. Shame on you, do you think you should be proud because I wouldn't be. Cole and lili never broke up, they went on holiday just recently and the fact that you get your sources from tweets off trolls tells me your useless at your job

  7. The headline on this video is misleading so people can click on it. You sad man and you get paid for this to contribute in trying to ruin people's lives with lies

  8. Do you know how much abuse Cole gets just because he has friends that are female, because he photographs women and men btw. He has been accused of a lot because of lies coming out of your mouth. He has been sent death threats because of people like you,

  9. Lili didn't post a photo with Cole on set because he wasn't, he was in California doing a photoshoot. Shame on you the fact that you're reading tweets from sources that not reliable and not your own. Shocking excuse for journalism.

  10. I've realised you get your sources from trolls, only the trolls have talked about hanging with models when he's actually working you idiot. You and others like are starting to annoy me with your fake news

  11. You actually know nothing yet you post video like you do, first of all Cole was hanging out with zoey deutch an jake picking as well. There's actually video proof, the fact that you don't know that Cole and lili spent a week in Los Cabo's after the Christmas break before lili went back to shoot for riverdale and Cole is on a photoshoot.

  12. You should be embarrassed that you are using tweets from people who nothing. You should be ashamed that you have to speak these words. This video has shown me that you know nothing, you have no sources. Cole and a bunch of friends were hanging out that included lily depp. They never had dinner together alone.


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