Charli & Dixie D'Amelio ADMIT Why They Left The Hype House!


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  1. No hate or anything but I feel like most people are saying that the hype house is just the “ house” now because Dixie and Charli left but Avani and Addison and the others are there, they are fun as well, I feel like people think Charli is all that because she does dances in TikTok😑 Charli and Dixie are just like the others in the hype house, I don’t understand why people think Charli is a big deal, yes she might be a good dancer and sweet and you may like her personality but there is also Dixie, Avani, Addison and the others. People are forgetting about the others in the hype house and throwing hate towards Addison and Avani now that Dixie and Charli left, which I think is so pathetic and unfair. I don’t understand what these people ever did for them to receive this kind of hate. The other people in the hype house are gonna leave when they want to if they want to, you don’t need to send hate telling them to leave. There’s not going to be a hype house no more if people keep on leaving the hype house, and then what? Y’all are gonna be happy…? People hate on them for no reason and it’s sad that celebrities and famous people’s lives are on social media because people are so nosy, they always want to find something to blame a person for. I’m not a huge fan of Charli or the others but I do like them and I think they are all talented and all deserve to be treated the same, not just because one is more famous, your gonna forget about the others. Also I don’t get why people send hate towards Charli, Charli did the renegade but never said it was her dance and that topic is old, There are other reasons you might not like Charli but if you don’t like Charli then just ignore her and leave it there, you don’t have to hate on her, you shouldn’t be hating on anyone, it’s a waste of time, people just love to find a reason to hate on a person. My intention is not to offend anyone and if I did offend anyone, I’m truly sorry but I just thought I would give my opinion. I had a lot to say about this topic but I can’t type it all. This is just my opinion, again, my intention isn’t to offend anyone, it’s just me giving my opinion so, don’t come at me. Thank you for reading.🙂👌🏽

  2. they haven't been in the hype house because of THE VIRUS and can't people be freinds when they break-up and everyone trust them. If they don't admit it then it may not be true 🙄. dont spread drama that the person themselves admit it…

  3. MAYBE just MAYBE there should have not been a "hype house" in the first place it was all fun and all at the start but then it just got ruined because so many people were taking advantages of the hype house for more clout like dude chill!!! And they all could have just stayed as good tiktok friends without all of this STUPID IDIOTIC tiktok hype house drama like all of this drama birthed more hype but it also brung the hype DOWN👇🏻 I'm annoyed

  4. Content houses only not work if the founders are narcissistic sociopaths like thomas and jake paul lol. Daisy and her house seem to have 0 problems


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