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Jeffree Star Goes OFF on Customers Over Mystery Boxes!

Jeffree Star has responded to a customer about the stickers in his mystery boxes. Jeffree Star Cosmetics promised an exclusive cosmetic item in each...

What Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Did Not Tell You!

Jaclyn Hill cosmetics announced they will be sold in Morphe stores. Jaclyn has said her highlighter collection catch the light is limited edtion. #jaclynhill. source

Jeffree Star Exposing Jaclyn Hill and Showing DM's!

Jeffree Star will finally exposing Jaclyn Hill makeup and highlighters. Jeffree also showed dm's from makeup companies about cheetos makeup. #jaclynhill ... source

Jeffree Star Calls Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Cheap!

Jeffree Star had reviewed the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics highlighters and had a few words for the way Jaclyn handled her lipsticks launch. #jeffreestar #jaclynhill. source

James Charles Photoshop Scandal!

James Charles has been accused of not being honest with his subscribers over photoshop numerous times. Manny MUA is releasing a makeup palette with...

One Direction Members, Celebs & Fans REACT To Harry Styles' Solo Debut

Today's episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier®, with T-Mobile ONE™. All unlimited. All in! http://bit.ly/2ocmH8G More Celebrity News ... source