becky g & colourpop SUED for THIS





  1. I was dying to grab that palette and the lip products! This is the only palette that has excited me in the longest time from Colourpop. I messaged customer service but they gave me a generic response unlike other times where they responded to customers well. So I figured they'd gotten into a lawsuit.

  2. The cultural appropriation is a bit of a reach. It's more about taking business from a smaller company who already had that name. I don't blame that company for being mad & colourpop should have known this. There are tons of other names they could have used to appreciate Latina culture without stealing.

  3. This is unfortunate:( I love Becky G and colourpop. I’m lucky I snagged the collection before it sold out but I just wish this was handled differently and credit was given where it deserves.

  4. Not to sound judgey or snobby, but the overalls the 3 girls are wearing for the holachola photo shoot are so cute. It went from cute to trashy by exposing their thongs/g-strings. WHY? They literally ruined the cute, strong & beautiful look w/trashy, cheap & easy.


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