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Nikkie Tutorials Calls Out Ellen!

Nikkie tutorials has spoken out about her true feelings on Ellen. #nikkietutorials #ellen. source

Jaclyn Hill Quits Makeup? James Charles Claps Back!

Jaclyn Hill is not ready to do makeup tutorials. #jaclynhill #jamescharles. source

Jeffree Star Opens Up About Ex Boyfriend !

Jeffree Star has opened up about his ex boyfriend Nathan in his new video. #jeffreestar. source

Jeffree Star Spilling Tea on Ex Boyfriend?

Jeffeee Star will be speaking out on what is happening in his life. Many people feel this will be about ex boyfriend Nathan. #jeffreestar. source

Jeffree Star Called Out By Elijah Daniel!

Jeffree Star was called out on twitter by Elijah Daniel. https://bit.ly/2QMWBpw #jeffreestar #elijahdaniel. source

Jeffree Star Claps Back Jaclyn Hill Drama!

Jeffree Star claps back to subscribers and Jaclyn hill always has a supply of drama. #jeffreestar #jaclynhill. source

Taylor Swift Just Cancelled Kim Kardashian! Receipts!

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian can't stop talking about each other and Kanye West. #taylorswift #kimkardashian. source

Jeffree Star Lied About Ex Boyfriend Nathan!

Jeffree Star has recently made a statement on an old video with ex boyfriend Nathan. #jeffreestar. source