Ariana Grande SUES Forever 21 for Jacking Her '7 Rings' Style!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Forever 21 was already having a rough week. Just a few days ago, news broke that they could be filing …




  1. Honestly really love ariana but forever 21 is a place for people who dont have alot of money like me to buy cute clothing and now there going out of business I guess the next place is urban for me

  2. I think the main issue Is they were actually meant to collab on a line (forever21 & Ari) But when it came time to pay her for the deal they didn’t. Instead they released a too similar for comfort line in her likeness on their own to get around payment. It’s come back to bite them full circle. You can’t just capitalize off of a “trend” in someone else’s likeness especially when it’s so blatantly obvious. That’s a slap in the face. They used an obvious style to mimic hers, an actual line from her song & someone in close resemblance to her. The only thing they didn’t use was her face itself and that’s because they couldn’t afford it… or didn’t want to

  3. Okay Forever 21’s entire company is about ripping off other influencers and products. Adidas came after them for 3 striped shorts, Nike came after them for their signature check mark shoes, etc. But they also follow a lot of trends, and that’s why their clothes usually sell. I’m not defending but just informing you about the company.

  4. I think she is right to sue forever 21 cuz that's just copying. You can clearly see that they just took her style and then gave a very few elements to it. And Ari likes to take inspiration from other artists.


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