14 Things You Didn't Know About The Princess Diaries Movies


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  1. so they kinda twisted the story fr its original script in the book because of Michael's absence. Accepted. To I really love to play his part just like in the book for the other sequels. Anyway. Ty for this. 2020.???

  2. Here's a fact you should know,
    Princess diaries novel is complete opposite of the movie!
    Mia writes her grandmother as a cruel lady in the story but she is shown good in the movie.
    The storybook has Mia living in New York and not San Francisco!
    Her mom dates Mr. Giannini in real book
    The lana group involves Lana Trisha and Shameeka .
    And there are lot of things which have been changed in the movie !

  3. Had a crush on Michael sooooo muchhhh that I really wished he and Mia dated in real life. So it definitely saddened me that he didnt join the Princess Diaries 2! If a 3 would be given a chance, I earnestly hope, with fingers crossed, that he'll take the role again!

  4. I never watch this when I was a kid because apparently, all I had to do is to study. We might watch on our television but it's only at night. So, I guess, I missed my childhood. I seldom watched cartoons or princesses way back then. I'm still grateful, even though I'm already 18 years old, I got a chance to watch her 2 movies. ? And, thank you, YouTube!

  5. That independent movie mentioned at 0:30 is called: "The Other Side Of Heaven." It's a good movie that's based on a true story about a young man who, serves his church mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, on the island of Tonga. It's a good movie Too! Oh, and in case your wondering, Anne Hathaway plays his girlfriend.

  6. I rewatched Princess Diaries 1 & 2 yesterday. How I wish Michael was still in the second movie. Like it would make a huge difference in the whole story. They'd be like Romeo & Juliet, and Michael would be competing with those princes, and Mia would still choose him over everything.


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